Gateway to College is a unique alternative education program allowing high school students who are behind in credits the opportunity to complete their high school graduation requirements through classes offered on the Shasta College campus. Concurrent enrollment college courses allow students to make progress toward a college degree or certificate while earning their diploma. 

This is a real second chance...finish high school and begin college all at once.

Students selected for a Gateway to College scholarship are expected to be in class every day, work hard in their courses, and participate in program activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gateway to College students must be at least 16 years of age and behind in high school credits for their age and grade. They must be willing to make a commitment to complete their high school diploma and excited about being a part of an innovative program on a college campus.

Gateway to College is a scholarship program that offers a small, personal environment where all staff know every student. Students will accelerate towards completing their high school diploma by taking both high school and college classes. While students are expected to succeed academically, significant emphasis is placed on attendance and maintaining a kind and respectful environment towards all students and staff.

Gateway to College students will take both high school and college courses. Students should expect to take regular high school classes such as English, math and government but will also be enrolled in Edgenuity, an online learning platform where students will take individualized courses that they need to complete their diploma requirements. Students will also be enrolled in Shasta College classes that fulfill credit needs and are of an interest to GtC students.

When students apply and are accepted to the Gateway to College program they should do so with the intention of remaining in the program through high school graduation. However, they do have to reapply for their scholarship every semester and reconfirm their commitment to moving forward positively.

Academic Lab is a valuable tool for achieving educational success as it provides the environment and resources students need to conduct research, complete homework, and receive assistance on school projects. The Shasta College Gateway to College program requires students to attend an Academic Lab period as part of their regular school schedule.

Students are required to make up time for any high school class missed—regardless of the reason—within two weeks of the absence. Make-Up Time must occur outside of regular school hours and is calculated based on the following criteria:

  • 1 school day missed = 3 hours of make-up time
  • 1 class period missed = 1 hour of make-up time
  • 2 tardies = 1 hour of make-up time

Students will have access to the main GtC classroom and/or the computer lab for Academic Lab and Make-Up Time. Students may also be permitted to use the English, Math and Science tutoring centers or the library on campus if approved by the staff member overseeing the activity.

Students are encouraged to apply in their junior year or prior to their senior year if they are behind in credits. Students can get an application from their high school counselor or directly on our website. Please send your completed application and most recent high school transcript to the email or address below.


Gateway to College Program
Shasta College
P.O. Box 496006
Redding, CA 96049-6006

Once an application is submitted students will be contacted to attend an information meeting with a parent followed by a one-on-one scholarship interview.

Gateway to College recognizes the importance of in-person contact and instruction for the success of our students. If our program cannot meet on the Shasta College campus every effort will be made to find an alternative location where our program can meet safely. An alternative schedule may be necessary as well. Any changes will be communicated to students as far in advance as possible.

GtC saw in me what they see that every student needs – a chance to go to college like everybody else.