We ask that you contact us either by email at paceoffice@shastacollege.edu or by phone at (530) 242-7790. Please include a current contact phone number and your student ID in your email, as well as a short description of how we can help you.

Program Overview

The mission of Partners in Access to College Education for students with disabilities (PACE) is to support students in acquiring equal access to Shasta College programs and facilities, to provide services and instruction for students in reaching their optimal level of achievement while developing lifelong skills, and to serve as a specialized resource for students, faculty, staff, and the community.​

For Students with Disabilities

Partners in Access to College Education for students with disabilities​ (PACE) is here to help you achieve your educational goals. Whether you attend classes in person at one of our campuses, or online, PACE staff are available to provide you with the accommodations you need for full access to higher education.

If you are a current PACE student, more information can be found on Canvas under the PACE on your dashboard. If you don’t see PACE on your dashboard let us know at pace-services@shastacollege.edu​

If you haven’t attended Shasta College yet, be sure to complete the steps for enrollment on the new students webpage. ​

Renewing your academic adjustments, services, and accommodations

Please note that your academic adjustments, services, and accommodations do not automatically renew. You must request accommodations each semester through AIM or by appointment with your PACE counselor. It is recommended that you request your accommodations as soon as your register for classes.

​National Voter Registration Act​

Under the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1992, PACE is designated as an Agency-Based Registration Site where students are offered information, voter registration application forms, and the opportunity to become registered voters. 

There is no obligation to register to vote and the student's decision will have no effect on services offered by PACE. We will not ask any information related to your voting or political beliefs.

Voter registration information and online application forms are also available at the website for the Secretary of State of California. 

Got feedback? We'd love to hear from you.

We welcome and value all types of feedback! This is how we know we're serving our students well or what we could work on improving. 

If this is a formal grievance please follow the Student Grievance Procedure outlined in the Shasta College catalog.