Quick Facts
Degree Associate Degree
Areas of Study Health Sciences
Associate in Science | SC Program: AS.1601

Program Overview

To learn more about the program including accreditation, application process, enrollment criteria, and more, please visit the Physical Therapist Assistant Associate Degree Program website.

Core Courses & Program Sequence

Students in the PTA program will be required to successfully complete the following courses in progressive order in order to graduate and apply to take the licensure exam.


Course Title Credits
ANAT 1 Human Anatomy ​5 Units
​PHY 1 Physiology ​5 Units
HEOC 11 Medical Terminology 3 Units
​HEOC 1  Intro to Physical Therapy Professions ​1 Unit
  TOTAL 14 Units

​Advisory: MATH 102 or MATH 14 with a grade of "C" or higher ENGL 1A with a grade of "C" or higher

Semester 1

Course Title Credits
PTA 1​ Physical Therapy Practice for the PTA 2 Units
PTA 2​ Pathology 3 Units
PTA 3 Patient Care Skills Theory ​2 Units
​PTA 3L Patient Care Skills Lab 1 Unit
​PTA 4 Clinical Kinesiology Theory 2 Units
​PTA 4L Clinical Kinesiology Lab 1 Unit
  TOTAL 11 Units
Recommended Semester 1 GE Courses  
Language and Rationality (English Composition):
ENGL 1A College Composition
3 Units
Analytical Thinking: 
MATH 102 Intermediate Algebra OR
MATH 14 Introduction to Statistics (recommended)

MATH 102: 4 Units OR 
MATH 14: 3 Units

Program and GE Course Units  14-17 Units

Semester 2

Course Title Credits
PTA 5 Therapeutic Exercise Theory 2 Units
PTA 5L Therapeutic Exercise Lab 1 Unit
PTA 6 Therapeutic Agents Theory ​2 Units
​PTA 6L Therapeutic Agents Lab 1 Unit
​PTA 20 Clinical Practicum I (6 weeks, full-time) 4 Units
  TOTAL 10 Units
Recommended Semester 2 GE Courses  
Social and Behavioral Sciences: 
ECE 1 Human Development OR
PSYC 1A General Psychology
3 Units
PHIL 7 Ethics: Understanding Right & Wrong OR
PHIL 8 Logic

3 Units

Program and GE Course Units  16 Units

Semester 3

Course Title Credits
PTA 7 Orthopedic Management Theory 2 Units
PTA 7L Orthopedic Management Lab 1 Unit
PTA 8 Neurology and Development Theory ​2 Units
​PTA 8L Neurology and Development Lab 1 Unit
​PTA 21 Clinical Practicum II (6 weeks, full-time) 4.5 Units
  TOTAL 10.5 Units
Recommended Semester 3 GE Courses  
Language & Rationality (Oral Communication):​ 
CMST 54 Small Group Communications
3 Units
Multicultural/Living Skills:
PSYC 20 Cross Cultural Psychology OR
PSYC 41 Cultural/Social Context of Childhood OR
HLTH 6 Culture & Health

3 Units

Program and GE Course Units  16.5 Units

Semester 4

Course Title Credits
PTA 9 Neurologic Management Theory 2 Units
PTA 9L Neurologic Management Lab 1 Unit
PTA 10 Advanced Procedures Theory ​2 Units
​PTA 10L Advanced Procedures Lab 1 Unit
​PTA 11 Professional Integration 2 Units
​PTA 22 Clinical Practicum III (6 weeks, full-time) 4.5 Units
  TOTAL 12.5 Units
Recommended Semester 4 GE Courses  
None if all AS degree requirements met  
Program and GE Course Units  12.5 Units

Total Units

  • PTA Core Units: 44 Units
  • Total for AS Degree: 76 Units

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