Interested in our programs? Complete the following steps to start your career as a Shasta College Heavy Equipment Student. 

Step 1: Enroll at Shasta College

Apply to Shasta College and complete the Shasta College Steps to Enrollment​ to become a Shasta College Student.

​​Step 2: Special Admissions Requirement​​

Email heavyequipm​ to request conditional registration permission in courses requiring Student Drug and Alcohol Testing​. Include your first and last name, Shasta College student ID (if available), and current contact information. As of Fall 2020, operating courses with drug testing are: AGNR-56, CONS-46, CONS-47, CONS-148, CONS-149A, CONS-55A-D, and certain sections of CONS-94. Students must complete additional admissions requirements in order to participate in these courses.

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