Contact Info
Location Main Redding Campus | Building 1300, Room 1311
Degree Ed.D, Educational Leadership, USC
MPS, Humanistic/Multicultural Education with Social Justice focus, SUNY New Paltz
BA, Political Science, Rollins College

Kate is Dean of Innovation and Strategic Initiatives at Shasta College and is also the Executive Director of SCAILE (Shasta College Attainment and Innovation Lab for Equity). SCAILE has evolved from the work of North State Together, the Lumina Talent Hub and the Innovation Awards at Shasta College. Its goal is to create a place where policy, practice, inquiry and applied research come together to foster educational attainment and innovation and reduce equity gaps; with a spotlight on the changing dynamics of rural communities.  

Kate has held leadership roles in K-12, Community College and the UC system and understands the importance of helping students and families navigate between educational sectors. She is recently returning from a two year assignment with the CCCCO where she worked with all community colleges in the north and far north to expand guided pathways and equity strategies at the local level.  Kate has a master’s degree in Humanistic/Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz and an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from University of Southern California. Kate has worked in education for over 20 years with the focus on improving the educational pipeline, both access and outcomes; especially for underrepresented students and communities.

Contact Dr. Kate Mahar

Do you have an idea to enhance the goals of Innovation, Attainment and Equity that can impact students at the classroom, college, county or regional level? Or, would you like to learn more? We would love to hear from you. Please reach out to Kate Mahar, Dean of Innovation and Strategic Initiatives and Director of SCAILE.