Create a place where policy, practice, inquiry and applied research are integrated to foster innovation in educational attainment and the reduction of equity gaps with a spotlight on the changing dynamics of rural communities. 

Purpose of SCAILE as a Strategy Lab
To meaningfully support practitioners, stakeholders and researchers/scholars working to unite communities in pursuit of increased post-secondary attainment and the elimination of equity gaps in who pursues college, thrives once enrolled, and completes a credential. Our results will be measured by policy changes, expanded partnerships and in student terms such as:

  • Increased: Postsecondary enrollment, persistence, attainment and corresponding economic outcomes
  • Decreased: Equity gaps, regional attainment gaps

Ultimate Impact
Expand learning systems tied to local opportunities and include strategies that will ensure student success and relevancy for local stakeholders. Address equity issues so that race, regionality, gender, age, sexuality, and/or disability are not predictive of postsecondary and or economic outcomes. 

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SCAILE will sustain itself through the Innovation Awards that we have received, grants and partnerships. Current projects/partnerships include: Lumina Talent Hub, North State Together Postsecondary Task Force, Institute for Higher Education Policy Degrees When Due Project and a partnership with the CCC Foundation to support adult learners through Credit for Prior Learning and other engagement strategies. 

For more information, please visit History of SCAILE.