Published August 2, 2022

I am what you might call a local product. After graduating from Enterprise High, I attended Shasta College, earning an A.A. degree in Medicine. My time at Shasta prepared me to transfer to UC Davis and ultimately receive my M.D. degree from the USC School of Medicine. Then, my wife and I returned to Redding for my Medicine Residency and started my medical practice with Redding Family Medical Group. My practice and I aged together for 40 years. 

Reflecting on my life, I can say that Shasta College played a significant role in how it all played out. Growing up in a rural town, a person has an uphill battle in getting an education and pursuing a career. However, I was blessed with some exemplary instructors at Shasta College who inspired me to pursue a medical career. When I was at Shasta, it was a troubling time for America. The Vietnam war was on the decline, and Shasta was a safe place for returning veterans. I attended class with many veterans and knew how important Shasta College was in their lives. 

I participated in the band classes at Shasta, and when I returned in the ‘80s, I joined the Shasta College Community Band with Dr. Larry Grandy. I have enjoyed playing in many musical groups with the college since then. Looking back, I always have felt that going to Shasta College was one of the best decisions in my life. Besides an excellent education, I grew up a lot, got a sense of direction and some confidence to follow it, and I even met my wife there!

Shasta College Knight