Published March 15, 2023

When I started at Shasta College, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So, I started taking some science classes and eventually graduated with an Associate degree in Natural Sciences. But, as you can tell, that was just the start of my journey!

After I graduated, I took a couple of different jobs, and I quickly realized that I wanted to be on my feet, moving around, and using my hands. As a child, I had always wanted to be a firefighter, so I went for it and enrolled at the Shasta College Fire Academy!

As one of the only girls at the Academy, I was a little nervous and shy when I first started. But that didn’t last long! Everyone was very welcoming and supportive and helped me where I needed it—just like they helped each other. I wasn’t just “one of the guys”—I was part of the team. The instructors were incredible and taught me different techniques for my smaller size. Going through the Academy has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

My goal after graduation is to complete the Shasta College EMT program next semester, get a job with CalFire, and eventually work for a municipal fire department. From the time spent getting my degree and the rigorous training at the academy, I can say that success is all about having the right attitude, the right mindset, and the right team behind you—like what I found at Shasta College. 

Shasta College Knight