The number one reason to work in this field is to serve others. The willingness to take risks to save others is truly the nature of someone with a servant’s heart. The Shasta College Fire Technology Program will provide you with an opportunity to excel in your pursuit of becoming a full-time career firefighter.

Degrees / Certificates

Map your education by viewing the Academic Plan for the degree or certificate you’re interested in earning below. Meet with a counselor to create your official comprehensive education plan.

Firefighter I (C)

Includes everything necessary to learn the skills, knowledge and abilities to perform as an entry level volunteer or paid firefighter in the State of California.

Firefighter II (C)

After the completion of Firefighter I Certificate, the Firefighter 2 academy provides advanced knowledge, skills and abilities to allow the student to operate at a “journeyman level” as a firefighter.

Transferring for Bachelor’s Degree

Ready to transfer for a 4-year university or college or want to stay local? Our Transfer Center and BOLD staff are here to guide you!