English / ESL Placement

Please schedule an appointment with a Shasta College counselor for placement into an English course. Please bring a copy of your transcripts to the appointment (unofficial transcripts are accepted for the counseling appointment).

If the following applies to you, please be sure to make an appointment with a counselor:

  • Students who are 18 years old or older and who have not graduated high school
  • Students who do not have high school or college transcripts
  • Students who did not attend high school in the United States

If you don’t have a transcript, counselors will work with you on a guided self-placement process.

Students who need to be placed into an English as a Second Language (ESL) course should contact Jim Kortuem, and he can be reached by calling (530) 242-7760.

“Estudiantes que necesitan ser asignados a un curso de inglés como segundo idioma (ESL) deben comunicarse con Jim Kortuem, y pueden comunicarse con él llamando al (530) 242-7760.”

Math Placement

Most pathways to a degree or certificate here at Shasta College have a math requirement. We recommend you take care of this requirement as soon as possible. Deciding on which math class to take is an important decision, and the descriptions below are the recommend steps for deciding which course to take.

Students who have grades from other colleges or who graduated high school within the last 10 years need to meet with a counselor and bring a copy of their unofficial high school transcripts. Students planning to earn a degree from Shasta College must submit their official transcripts to the Admissions and Records Office. 

Taking the Math Placement Test

Student who cannot provide a high school transcript or college math transcript from within the last 10 years (e.g. 2009-2019), can now utilize ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning to find the math class that will best fit their knowledge.

If you would like to take the ALEKS PPL Assessment, please make an appointment with the Assessment Center.

If you are unhappy with your multiple measures high school transcript placement, you may challenge your results with the placement test or self-place. Please make an appointment with the Assessment Center.


​AB 705

The English and math placement process is in accordance​ with the California Assembly Bill (AB) 705, which directs community colleges to place students into English and mathematics based off of one or more of the following: high school grades, high school coursework, and high school grade point average.

AB 705 requires that community colleges maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and math within a one year timeframe and use, in the placement of students into English and math one or more of the following: high school coursework, high school grades, and high school grade point average.