The Shasta College Tutoring and Learning Center is physically located in the 700 building and is the first building you see when you enter the South entrance of the Redding campus. Since most students are taking online courses at this time, our virtual presence can be easily found through our website ( or Canvas (via the Student Support Portal link).  

We offer FREE virtual peer tutoring for a broad spectrum of courses in math, business, science, writing, canvas, and more and encourage you to book an appointment with us. All appointments can be booked using eSARS appointment scheduler at this time. All you’ll need is your student ID, birthdate, and subject you need help in to schedule the appointment. 

Please visit Tutoring & Learning Centers for more information. 

The Embedded Tutor’s role is to observe the instruction presented by the faculty in one or more sections and assist with activities as determined by the faculty member. Based on that observation, the embedded tutor is uniquely equipped to tutor students based on how the course content was presented.

Embedded tutors are not allowed to assist with grading student's work and do not come up with supplemental instruction plans.

Outside of in-class observation, the embedded tutor will be available during set hours in the Tutoring and Learning Center (700 Building and via Zoom). Tutoring sessions will focus on specific content questions, issues, or assignments. Embedded tutors are expected to communicate regularly with the course faculty member and can offer individualized attention and assistance to motivate students’ participation and engagement in the classroom.

If your course has an embedded tutor, we recommend that you connect early and often to get the support you need.

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader’s role is to observe one or more class sessions for each course they’re an SI Leader in. SI Leaders are not allowed to assist with grading student's work and typically don’t work with students during the class session. Instead, they coordinate SI sessions based on the availability of most students in the class. These sessions focus on activities and additional lessons to strengthen the understanding of the course content.

SI leaders facilitate critical thinking through learning strategy activities (how and what to learn). Generally these meetings are booked in classrooms, group study rooms, or in online group zoom rooms.

If your course has a Supplemental Instruction leader, connect with them early and communicate your availability in order to ensure you can make the group sessions. 

For more information:

Sarah Innes, SI Coordinator 
700 Building (First Floor), Office 736​