Students who are subject to 2009-2010 or later graduation requirements must demonstrate computer competence in order to receive a degree from Shasta College. One way to fulfill this requirement is to pass the ​Shasta College computer literacy assessment. 

The Computer Literacy Assessment is now offered via Canvas with your Shasta College Online login. Please read the below information about the assessment and contact the Testing Center in order to register and gain access to the assessment.

Please Note: The results of this Computer Literacy Assessment do not appear on a student's transcript and a student does not receive any Shasta College units for passing the assessment. The Computer Literacy Assessment is an option for students to meet the Computer Literacy Competency Requirement. It is not a substitute for completion of a CIS 1 course.

Assessment Information

  • Be advised that the assessment is split into two sections, Concepts and Skills. Both sections have a one hour (60 minutes) per section time limit. Once you start a section you must complete it in one sitting.
  • The Shasta College Redding Campus Library and the Learning Resource Center have material to help you study for the assessment. Please reference CIS-1 textbooks when reviewing for the assessment.
    • Concepts section covers basic computer knowledge (e.g. what is a CPU, what is RAM, etc.)
    • Skills section is assessing your ability to do various tasks in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs.
  • Please plan accordingly to make sure there are no interruptions. If you exit any of the sections prior to completion it will count as an attempt and you will only get scored on what has been completed prior to exiting. Losing internet connection does count as an attempt. Please contact the Testing Center if you have any issues that are beyond your control.
  • The Assessment is open book and open internet only. You may not work on the Assessment with anyone else. (ref. College Catalog, Section-Academic Honesty).
  • The assessment can be scheduled at the Redding main campus, room 2215. Please contact the Testing Center at 530-242-7751 if you wish to take the exam on campus or online.
  • If you are having issues with Shasta College Online Portal or Canvas, please email your issues to

NOTE: The Testing Center is currently closed for in person tests. Please follow the steps below to take the Computer Literacy Assessment online from any computer with internet access.

Directions for taking the computer literacy exam off campus: 

  1. Call the Testing Center at 530-242-7751 to register for the Computer Literacy Assessment via Canvas.
  2. Once you have finished and passed with a 80% or better, take note of your score and email the score along with your name and student ID number to You may take the test up to three (3) times a semester, if needed. 

The Testing Center (Redding Main Campus | Room 2215) can accommodate make-up testing. Make-Up testing is offered by appointment only. 

​This proctoring service is intended to accommodate individual students who need to make up exams due to school related or excused conflicts. Examples include student-athletes who miss an exam due to an athletic contest, students required to serve jury duty, students attending a college-sponsored field trip, or students who are experiencing a personal emergency.

Make-up Exam Process

If a student needs to make up a test, we request that they please schedule their appointment at least 24 hours in advance by calling the Testing Center at (530) 242-7751 during business hours.

​The student will then inform the instructor regarding the appointment date and time. The Testing Office will send a follow-up email to the instructor to notify him/her of the date and time of the exam and to request a copy of the test.  

The test should arrive in the Testing Center via email ( or the Testing Center mailbox (Building 100) at least one (1) business day prior to the scheduled appointment. Please include a ​ Make-Up Test Instruction Fillable Form (PDF) with the exam to describe what is allowed – including time and materials for each student testing. We ask that the instructor please date and sign the form. Paper tests will be returned to the instructor via department mailbox. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver or pick up exams to/from classrooms or instructor offices.

Please direct questions or concerns to

The Testing Center can also accommodate students who are in our PACE (Partners in Access to College Education for students with disabilities) by offering test facilitation. 

Examples of test facilitation include:  proctoring of exams, use of scribes, exams in audio format, extended test time, enlargement of exams, exams in braille, use of readers, special lighting, use of a word processor, or the need for a reduced distraction environment.

While most tests are usually given in our Testing Center lab/office in Building 2200, Room 2215, some may continue to be facilitated in PACE. 

Please remember that all testing requests need to be scheduled at least two (2) busi​ness days prior for regular exams, 1 week in advance for midterms, and 2 weeks in advance for all final exams.

Students taking audio exams should request a test time as early as possible to ensure conversion of a test to audio by the requested test time. Testing schedules should be on your class syllabus. Please make sure to plan ahead.

For PACE students, please make sure you have trained with our staff to learn how to utilize the new AIM program in order to schedule your exam/quiz online.