Shasta College students share their talents and interests by participating in extracurricular clubs and organizations. There is a wide choice of special interest and departmental campus clubs and student organizations for students to join.
To find out how to organize a new club or student organization or how to join an existing one, contact Erin O'Loughlin, or call (530) 242-7621.

Interested in starting a club?

Fill out the application to form or renew a student club / organization. You can also learn more by reading the club manual.

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Alphabetical Listing of Shasta's Clubs & Organizations

Accounting Club

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose​ To better understand the professional role of our industry in society. To develop professional accounting-specific skills and network with industry parners to enhance our understanding of our future role in the industry and community.
Advisors Juanne Van Der Linde / Scott Gordon
​Phone (530) 242-2253 / (530) 242-2259
Email /

Administration of Justice Club (AOJ)

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To promote academic, and career success in an inclusive setting for students interested in pursuing a career in the criminal justice field and those interested in getting involved in and bettering their community.
Advisors Craig Carmena
Phone (530) 242-2267

Agriculture Leadership Club

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To further advocation of agriculture to the local community and develop professional leadership skills for future careers.
Advisors Audra Harl / Leimone Waite
Phone (530) 242-2209 / (530) 242-2210
Email ​​ /

A.P.B. STEM Club (Anatomy, Physiology, Biology)

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose Dedicated to the scholastic success of all learners. Offering study materials, personal support, advocacy, volunteer experience, and more to local community, youth and disabled outreach programs.
Advisors Johnathan Nuttall
Phone (530) 529-8980 x7310

Auto Club (formerly SCRAM)

​Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose ​To enhance and facilitate the education of auto mechanics to individuals who have an interest in the automotive industry; to expand the interest of Automotive Technology to Shasta College students and the general public.
Advisors Dan Bryant
Phone (530) 242-2211

Chess Club

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose Teach and learn chess and poetry to beginners and even advanced. To improve and enjoy chess & poetry together. To bring the Shasta College and broader community together to help each other in chess, poetry and life. Online and in-person.
Advisor Randy Bush
Phone (530) 242-2251

Culinary Club

Status Last Active 2019/2020
Purpose To integrate a pathway for students to connect their culinary education into the professional industry.
Advisor Brad Peters
Phone ​(530) 242-2266

Diesel 4x4 Club

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To provide students and members an opportunity to further educate in the field of Diesel technology and make an impact on the community by utilizing local resources, in which all proceeds benefit the diesel technology students through multiple scholarships.
Advisor Ishmael Rivas
Phone (530) 242-2354

ECEN (Early Childhood Educators' Network)

Status Last Active 2019/2022
Purpose ​To promote the professional growth in the field of early childhood education, connect with early childhood educators worldwide, develop an effective advocacy for the education of young children, and create a network of information and opportunities to enhance child/family/teacher relations.
Advisors ​Debbie Whitmer / Kate Ashbey
Phone (530) 242-7617 / (530) 242-7615
​Email ​ /

Equipment Operators Club

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose Promote and empower past, present, and future students in the HEO program. To create a bond and lasting connections between students to assist in becoming independent, as well as serve our community while promoting the programs.
Advisors Pete Dickerson / Jonas Lindblom
Phone (530) 242-7560 / (530) 242-7564
​Email /

Fire Technology Club

Status Active 2022/2023
​Purpose Promote Fire Technology Program and conduct fundraising for its operations.
Advisors Matt Loughran-Smith / Don Lacy
​Phone (530) 262-1019 / (530) 242-2207
Email ​/

Geo-Adventure Club

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose A place for students interested in getting outside and learning more about the world around them. With focus on the physical and human geography of Northern California, supported by geospatial technologies, we seek to engage with the community at large to enhance outdoor and cultural experiences.
Advisor Dan Scollon
Phone (530) 242-2314

GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance)

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
​Advisors Alan Beamer / Jeremy Ecklin
Phone (530) 242-2323 / (530) 242-7444
Email /


Status Last Active 2020/2021
Purpose Create awareness of Health Information Management (HIM) profession and HIT program goals/requirements through educational and networking opportunities.
Advisors Steve Kim / Alexis Riley
Phone (714) 478-7812 / (530) 217-9256
Email /

Horticulture Club

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To provide horticulture learning experiences & promote the love of plants, landscaping and the environment.
​Advisor Leimone Waite
Phone ​(530) 242-2210
Email ​

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose ​To see students fully come alive in the love, purpose and joy of Jesus Christ, engaging deeply with the Bible, prayer, and community.
Advisor Rachelle Sugimoto
Phone (530) 242-2331
Email ​
Learn More You can learn more and connect with the club on Instagram at @shasta.iv

Japanese Club

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To provide the means through which students and faculty can come together to learn about and better understand the different aspects of Japanese Culture.
Advisor Yoshiko Zimmerman
Phone (530) 242-7730

Knight's Student Athletes

Status Last Active 2019/2020
Purpose To help support the mission of providing a high quality experience for our student athletes while participating in intercollegiate athletics at Shasta College.
Advisors Jerry Brown
​Phone ​(530) 242-2275
​Email ​ ​


​Status Last Active 2019/2020
Purpose A student-ran print/online news magazine whose main goal is to inform those on campus and to promote the different departments of Shasta College.
Advisors Peter Griggs / Chris Rodriguez
​Phone (530) 242-7514 / (530) 242-7730
Email /

Logging Sports Club

Status Active 2022/2023
​Purpose ​To promote a positive image of the logging industry, strengthen professional contacts amongst industry partners, and demonstrate safe, fun and educational experiences with kids and the general public, through the use of logging sports competitions.
Advisors Pete Dickerson / Jonas Lindblom
Phone (530) 242-7560 / (530) 242-7564
​Email /

Natural Resources Club

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose A group of Shasta College students dedicated to working with the community to better understand the effects that humans have on our enviornment. Our main goal is to educate the public about natural resource issues and to set a good example for the community to follow.
Advisor Melissa Markee
Phone ​(530) 242-2298

Pep Band

Status Last Active 2019/2020
Purpose To add an extra layer of student involvement and support to regular home football and basketball games.
Advisors Brandon Mendez / David Cooper
Phone ​(530) 242-7730 / (530) 242 - 2229
Email /

Phi Theta Kappa - Beta Mu Mu Chapter (PTK) | Student Honor Society Organization

​Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose Phi Theta Kappa builds on leadership skills, fellowship, service, and scholarship. PTK helps students build on the skills that they need to go further in life.
Advisor Onica Mello
Phone (530) 242-7661
​Email /
Learn More You can learn more and connect with the club on Instagram at @shastacollegeptk

Recording and Performing Arts Club

Status Last Active 2019/2020
Purpose To provide a forum where members can create and participate in performance, composition, electronic music/media, recording arts, live sound and broadcasting activities. To provide oppurtunities for members to socialize, collaborate, and network through common interests in the recording and performing arts. To foster interest in the recoring and performance arts and it's subcategories among its members and the community.
Advisor Dr. Jeff Specht
Phone (​763) 607-4294


Status Last Active 2020/2021
​Purpose To provide opportunities for personal and group activities to serve the community and promote international understanding and goodwill toward all people. To develop professional and leadership skills.
Advisor ​Kelly Nickel
Phone ​(530) 941-5207

Shasta College Dental Hygiene Class of 2023

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To participate in the Shasta County community, networking with mentors and fundraising to graduate as excellent skilled professionals, serving our community for the greater good.
Advisors Kristi Hughes / Megan Bonnin
Phone (530) 227-4452 / (530) 339-3617
Email /

Science Club

Status Last Active 2019/2020
Purpose To not only facilitate a deeper passion and yearning for scientific understanding, but to also offer the opportunity for students to conduct facilitated experimentation and research.
Advisor Jim Bigelow / Dr. Matthew Evans / Tim Shelton
Phone (530) 242-2261 / ​(530) 242-2316 / (530) 242-2321
Email ​​ / /

S.O.A.R Club (Students Overcoming and Alleviating Recidivism)

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To encourage and build confidence in those students who have experienced life-altering hardships and economic difficulties due to the industrial prison complex, build awareness of college and community resources in order to stay connected, and to provide an outlet of support and mentorship for students who have been adversely impacted by the nation's carceral system.
Advisors Robert Bowman / Shantel Van Emmenis
Phone (530) 242-7639
Email /

Shasta College Philosophical Society

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To provide an atmosphere of shared learning through means of discussion, debate and collaboration. To facilitate a student body of academic excellence and rigorous inquiry.
Advisor Ramon Tello
Phone (530) 242-2250

Shasta College Student For Life

Status Last Active 2019/2020
Purpose ​To organize and activate pro-life students on the Shasta College campus. Members of the Shasta College Students For Life club work to protect life from conception to natual death, particularly those lived threatened by abortion, infanticide, embryonic stem cell research and euthanasia. In furtherance of these goals, members seek to promote respect for life at Shasta College and on a local, state, and national level, to educate on life issues, to help those in need so that life is a promising choice, and to work with others who share common goals.
Advisor Wade Stewart / Diane Welch
Phone (530) 242-2296 / (530) 638-5717
​Email /​

Social Work and Human Services

Status Last Active 2019/2020
Purpose To partner with local organizations to help benefit individuals and families in the Shasta College and Redding community at large. The members of this club will use social work and networking skills to accomplish this goal.
Advisor Dr. Wade Stewart
Phone (530) 242-2296
Email ​​

Student Senate | Student Government Organization

Status Active 2023/2024
​Purpose To represent students of Shasta College; to provide a vehicle for shared governance, student input, and participation in the affairs and activities of Shasta College as provided by the Education Code of the State of California. The Student Senate functions for the good of the students to promote concerns and policies pertaining to the students of Shasta College and encourage student development and leadership.
Advisor Erin O'Loughlin
Phone (530) 242-7621

Tennis Club

Status Last Active 2019/2020
Purpose Build a community of people who are interested in tennis.
Advisor Heidi Lee
Phone ​(530) 949-3830

Shasta College Veterans Club

Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To install pride in our member through engagement in service to fellow members and the community, all the while fostering patriotism and respect for those who have served and continue to serve.
Advisors Dhabih Hendershot / Pete Dickerson
Phone (530) 242-2265 / (530) 242-7560
Email /

Welding & Manufacturing Club

​Status Active 2022/2023
Purpose To promote the Welding & Manufacturing Club. Create projects to help the community and help students learn/progress in the fields of welding and manufacturing.
Advisors Jason Davis / Rick Osbrink
Phone (530) 242-2216 / (530) 242-2268
Email /

Women's Beach Volleyball Club (formerly Sand Volleyball)

​Status Last Active 2019/2020
Purpose To provide female Shasta College students with the opportunity to participate in beach volleyball play and practive. To potentially provide these athletes with the opportunity for both intramural and intercollegiate scrimmage competition.
Advisors Kelly Brazil / Jason Kelly
​Phone (530) 242-2274 / (530) 242-7737
Email /

Some of the most recent dormant clubs

If you are interested in starting this club again please contact The Hub at (530) 242-7626 or

  • Association of General Contractors Club
  • Business Leadership Club
  • Disabilities Awareness Club
  • Food and Film Club
  • Hispanic Latino/a/x Initiative Club
  • Latinas Unidas Networking Alliance Club
  • League of Legends Club
  • Model United Nations Club
  • N.A.T.I.V.E. Club
  • Nerd Club
  • Project Dance
  • Puente Club
  • Rodeo Club
  • Technology Club T.O.R.C.H. "Teaching Others Responsibility, Compassion and Hope"
  • Theatre for Action Club (Formerly: Drama Club)
  • Veterans Club
  • Vocational Nursing Club
  • Writing Club


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