Shasta College has established a drug and alcohol abuse prevention awareness program to inform its students and employees about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and the penalties that may be imposed for drug and alcohol abuse violations.  The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program is available to all students and employees of Shasta College.  As part of the program, Shasta College annually distributes to each student and employee a Drug-Free Campus Program brochure which contains:

  • Standards of Conduct that directly prohibit the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of any illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees both on school premises or as part of any of its activities;
  • A description of the applicable legal sanctions under local, state, or federal law for the unlawful possession or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol;
  • A description of the health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol; and
  • A clear statement that Shasta College will impose sanctions on students and employees (consistent with local, state, and federal law), and a description of those sanctions, up to and including expulsion for students or termination for employees and referral for prosecution, for violations of the Standards of Conduct.

Distribution of Program Information

Information pertaining to Shasta College’s Drug Free Campus Program is disseminated to students and employees in the following ways:

  • Email notification of the Drug-Free Campus Program Brochure information to students each semester (3 times per year);
  • Email notification of the Drug Free Campus Program brochure to employees annually;
  • Inclusion in the Shasta College catalog (produced annually); 
  • Inclusion in the Shasta College class schedules (produced 3 times per year);
  • Printed copies of the Drug Free Campus Program brochure are available at the Admissions & Records Office and at the Human Resources Office;
  • A link to the brochure is included in the online student orientation;
  • Printed copies of the brochure are included in new employee orientation packets; and
  • Shasta College’s Annual Security Report is distributed to all students and staff via email, and is posted on the College’s website at​.

Shasta College offers a broad range of alcohol-free activities, including guest speakers, music and theatre events, sporting events, student club/organization events, academic opportunities, social programs, and others.  Some of these activities specifically target evening audiences so as to divert high-risk evening drinking into pro-social activities.  All student activities are alcohol-free events.  Shasta College students, in collaboration with the Student Health and Wellness Office, participate annually in the Great American Smokeout event sponsored by the American Cancer Society to encourage students and employees to live healthy, tobacco-free lives.