Purpose and Function

The primary functions of the Budget Committee is to:

  • Reports to and is a sub-committee to the College Council
  • Inform the College Council on fiscal impact of plans and recommendations
  • Systematically assess the effective use of financial resources and use the results of the assessments as the basis for making recommendations to the College Council
  • Ensure that the budget planning process is timely, accurate, participatory, and comprehensive per the Integrated Planning Manual
  • Assure integration of fiscal planning into the college’s participatory planning process, specifically its inclusion in the development of strategic and educational planning
  • Review state budget allocations and their impacts on the college
  • Review tentative and final budgets for reasonableness of budget amounts and underlying assumptions
  • Think from a district-wide perspective

Committee Membership

  • Jill Ault, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Tim Johnston, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services
  • Darren Gurney, Office Administration/Business/CIS Instructor   
  • Scott Gordon, Business Instructor
  • Rob McCandless, Educational Counselor                  
  • Tawny Youngblood, District Accounting Technician (Business Office)
  • Elsa Gomez, Student Services Specialist (Fees)
  • Katie Littlepage, Administrative Professional II (TRIO)
  • "Substitute Representative" Heidi Loftus, Student Services Specialist (Admission/Financial Aid)
  • “Substitute Representative” Jessica Nieves, Administrative Professional II (ACSS)
Student Representative
  • Rokia Koné

Town Hall Budget Meeting June 3, 2020