As the winter weather arrives we all need to be extra cautious to avoid injury from slips, trips and falls. Wet or icy conditions can become hazards as the wet winter weather appears. Some important tips for avoiding injury are listed below. Please follow these tips provided by the Shasta-Trinity Schools Insurance Group.

Keep an eye out for hazardous walking conditions

  • Watch out for smooth, slick surfaces that have been waxed or have water and mud on them
  • Watch out for loose carpeting or flooring material
  • Watch out for icy or wet spots during fall and winter by spreading sand and clearing walks
  • Don't wait for small spill to dry. MOP IT UP!
  • Don't let grease accumulate on floors. CLEAN IT UP!

Keep all areas clear of obstacles to human traffic

  • Arrange furniture to avoid bumping into it or tripping over it
  • Floors must be clear of all objects that can cause a slip or a fall
  • Drawers must not be left open
  • Wear nonskid soles

Keep employees safe by providing appropriate equipment for reaching higher items

  • Don't stack items one upon another to reach higher
  • Don't stand on chairs or desks to get higher
  • Ladders must match the task