We are able to fund important events and projects, which might not otherwise happen without that funding, thanks to the generous support of our staff through our Pay it Forward: Voluntary Payroll Deduction Program.

The Shasta College Foundation is proud of its commitment and efforts to help support enriching experiences for the students at Shasta College and the community through the the Pay it Forward​ Campaign​. All monies collected through this program are used to support and encourage an environment of creativity, learning, activism, and growth. The primary beneficiary of this work is our students. Through choosing to generously donate a small portion of your paycheck every month, YOU help make a difference in the lives of our students and community!

Thank you for your support of the Shasta College Foundation. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.​​​​​


"We are part of a collective whose effort is to educate students across a broad number of disciplines and often we attempt to incorporate diverse experiences, demonstrating that the world has much to offer. The Foundation is an important part of that collective as it supports, often in a dramatic fashion, the drive to give our students a unique and world-class start to their college education.

"In the sciences, the Foundation’s efforts support a procession of visiting scientists lecturing and discussing a wide array of topics across many disciplines, commonly presenting cutting-edge research to awed students. Additionally, the Foundation has made possible oceanographic experiences that few undergraduates at any institution ever encounter. Imagine boarding a research vessel in an introductory science course, heading out to sea, collecting and analyzing marine samples, as you interact with marine researchers using state-of-the-art equipment that you help deploy and recover! Our students do just that, thanks to the support of the Shasta College Foundation.

"Please consider supporting the Foundation as part of the Shasta College collective goal: to offer rich and diverse academic opportunities."


- Randy Reed, Department of Earth Sciences