Pay-it-Forward is a voluntary payroll deduction program and is your opportunity to make a positive change. Pay-it-Forward initiatives are selected each year by a committee of your peers and they are projects that will make a direct, positive impact for our college, staff, and students. 100% employee funded, 100% employee driven. PiF is the change you decide on.

“I am excited about this new approach to Pay-it-Forward as it provides a direct voice for Shasta College employees to design, target, and develop initiatives that will make a positive impact on our campus environment. I encourage all staff to consider supporting Pay-it-Forward with a monthly contribution, no matter the amount.  Together it adds up to make a real difference.” – Joe Wyse, Superintendent/President

"The SCFA fully supports the "Pay-it-Forward" campaign, an employee-driven model for funding many needs across campus.  You can help by supporting PiF with a monthly contribution. You'll be helping students and teachers, with all funds going directly to those needs, all under the oversight of a faculty and staff team. " – Liz Waterbury, Faculty Association President

“The ability for classified members to serve as part of the decision-making process for Pay-it-Forward initiatives is an excellent example of the inclusive nature of our campus culture and forward-thinking efforts. I fully support the Pay-it-Forward model and ask each of our classified members to consider supporting Pay-it-Forward with a small monthly payroll deduction.” – Mike Parisot, CSEA President