Quick Facts
Degree Low Unit Certificate
Areas of Study Career and Life Success
Certificate | SC Program: CL.3415

This curriculum is designed to provide an integrated educational option for students preparing for inclusion in the workforce. 

This is a locally approved certificate. Upon satisfactory completion of the listed requirements and application for completion of the certificate to Admissions and Records, the student will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate program is not approved through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office; therefore, completion of the certificate will not be listed on the student’s transcript.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student should be able to:

  • Identify occupational opportunities and initiate a job search.
  • Use a word processor, find information on the Internet and conduct employment search activities using a computer.
  • Demonstrate mastery of arithmetic skills presented in real life employment contexts.
  • Demonstrate effective reading and writing skills for the workplace.
  • Navigate workplace issues that lead to improved workplace productivity. 

Certificate Requirements

  • CALS 200 Foundations for College (3)
  • CALS 210 Career Planning and Development (1)
  • CALS 254 Basic Computer Skills (1)
  • CALS 256 Reading and Writing for Career and Life (3) OR ENGL 260 Elements of Reading 260 (4)
  • CALS 258 Mathematics for Employment (3) OR MATH 220 Basic Mathematics (3)
Choose 4 units from the following: 4
  • BSOT 120 Time & Stress Management in the Workplace (1)
  • BSOT 121 Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution (1)
  • BSOT 122 Customer Service and Attitude in the Workplace (1)
  • BSOT 123 Communication and Team Building (1)
  • BSOT 124 Values, Ethics, and Organizational Change (1)

Total Units for Certificate: 15 – 16

For reference only as of 2020/2021

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