Quick Facts
Degree Transfer Degree
Areas of Study Liberal Studies
Associate in Arts for Transfer | SC Program: AA-T.4003

The Associate in Arts in Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer degree provides students with a core of lower division courses required to transfer and pursue a bachelor's degree in liberal studies. Elementary Teacher Education incorporates introductory courses from a range of disciplines including science, mathematics, literature, social sciences, and the arts. This program introduces students to the theory of education and early field experience.

This degree is approved through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. Upon satisfactory completion of all degree requirements and filing an application for graduation with Admissions and Records, the student’s transcript will reflect completion of this degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this degree, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate transfer readiness for a liberal studies major at a university, especially a CSU.
  • Assemble an observation portfolio which includes descriptions of teaching events that implement the California Teacher Performance Expectations and documentation of 45 hours of classroom observation.


In addition to the 37-39 unit general education pattern for CSU or IGETC, students must complete the core courses listed below for the Associate in Arts in Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer degree. Students must also obtain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 and a C or better in each major course, or a “P" if the course is taken on a Pass/No Pass basis.

Required Core

  • BIOL 10*# General Biology OR BIOL 10H*# General Biology – Honors (3)
  • BIOL 10L*# General Biology Lab (1)
  • CMST 60*# Public Speaking OR CMST 60H*# Public Speaking – Honors (3)
  • ECE 9*# Child Growth and Development (3)
  • EDUC 1 Introduction to Education (3)
  • ENGL 1A*# College Composition (4)
  • ENGL 1B*# Literature and Composition OR ENGL 1BH*# Literature and Composition – Honors (3)
  • ESCI 12*# General Earth Science (4)
  • GEOG 8*# World Regional Geography (3)
  • HIST 2*# World Civilization to 1500 C.E. (3)
  • HIST 17A*# U.S. History (3)
  • MATH 41A* Concepts of Elementary Mathematics (3)
  • PHSC 1*# Physical Science Survey (4)
  • POLS 2*# Introduction to American Government (3)
List A (Choose one course from the following): 3
  • ENGL 1C*# Critical Reasoning, Reading, and Writing (3)
  • ENGL 1CH*# Critical Reasoning, Reading, and Writing – Honors (3)
  • PHIL 8* Logic (3)
List B (Choose one course from the following): 3
  • ART 1*# Introduction to Art (3)
  • MUS 10*# Music Appreciation (3)
  • THTR 1*# Introduction to Theatre (3)
List C (For CSU Chico, choose 0-6 additional units): 0-6
  • MATH 41B* Concepts of Elementary Math (3)
  • PSYC 41*# Cultural/Social Context of Childhood (3)

*May be used to fulfill CSU General Education requirements. See a counselor.

#May be used to fulfill IGETC requirements. See a counselor.

Associate in Arts Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer Degree Requirements

Major: 49

General Education: 37-39

General Electives: 5-11**

Degree Total Will Not Exceed: 60 Units 

**Number will vary depending on units that double count.

For reference only as of 2019/2020

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