What are Foundational Skills?

Foundational skills are those skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and ESL (English as a Second Language), as well as learning and study skills, which are necessary for students to succeed in college-level work.  At Shasta College, this also includes GED and GED prep courses.

Why Foundational Skills?

Have you always thought about college but felt like you weren’t prepared? Don’t feel that you are alone. Many students show up at Shasta College needing to boost their skills. Shasta College offers courses that will bring you “up to speed.” Many of these courses are under the Foundational Skills program.

Student Success Workshops

Shasta College offers a wide variety of Student Success workshops to help students with study and computer skills of all types.  Workshops include ones on memory improvement, specific applications like PowerPoint, and APA format.  To see the current schedule of Student Success workshops, please click here​. 

Reading and Writing Courses

We offer courses that start at a very basic reading level and move all the way up through college level writing. Students at all levels will find an appropriate class. A student with the desire to succeed can make significant progress through these courses. Instructional aides are available to support students in these classes. The Writing Center is also a free resource for students needing help in these areas.

Mathematics Courses 

Foundational Skills offers courses that start with basic arithmetic and move you through basic algebra and on to college level math. Students of all levels will find an appropriate math class. These courses are supported with free help in our Math and Business Learning Center.

Student Development Courses

How well student services and instruction are integrated has been shown to be a major factor in a student's probability for success. When you participate in Student Development courses you will learn about services available to you on campus and develop strengths in:

  • Career exploration
  • Decision making
  • Study skills
  • Strategies to be more successful in your future courses.

You will have the opportunity to be in a class with other students who have the same concerns, thus providing you with mutual support and the sharing of information and resources.

Computer Courses

Shasta College offers computer courses for students that have never used a computer and also more advanced courses for those with some experience. The Business/Math Learning Center offers free help for these courses.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses

Shasta College offers many opportunities to learn English. Depending on how much English you know and your goals, there is a program of English just right for you! If you have never studied English or if you do not understand English well, it is necessary for you to take ESL classes in the “non-academic” program. If you have already studied English and plan to take college classes, you may be eligible for academic ESL courses. These courses can enhance your success in college. 

Resources for Improving Student Learning

  • ESL Office (Main Campus) – Schedule one on one tutoring.
  • Workshops to help you understand class assignments provided by the ESL Department and the Writing Center.
  • Business/Math Learning Center: Drop in tutoring and small group tutoring for math and computer courses.
  • Science Learning Center: Drop in tutoring for science courses.
  • Writing Center: Tutoring and assistance with your writing skills.