May 1, 2022 is the last day to submit financial aid appeals for the 21-22 school year.

A student that has become ineligible due to not meeting one or more of the SAP standards must submit a SAP appeal electronically at along with documentation of extenuating circumstances that prevented the student from meeting SAP standards. A SAP appeal may take an average of 1-2 weeks for processing. If a student’s appeal is denied, the student has the right to submit additional documentation for re-evaluation. If a student breaches their contract or extension of units agreement, the student can re-gain their eligibility by raising their GPA and Pace to the minimum standards without receiving financial aid, or they can re-appeal. If a student is re-appealing, the second appeal will not be approved for the same reason the first appeal was approved.  

Prior to appealing, students should collect any documentation that can support their claim for extenuating circumstances. If the student is appealing for an extension of units (Quantitative), the student should obtain an updated educational plan from their counselor, prior to appealing. All documents must be uploaded and submitted through the online portal. Students should provide a detailed and clear explanation of what affected their ability to complete their courses successfully. 

Students can appeal online at

Contracts: If a student appeals due to not meeting the minimum cumulative standards of GPA and/or Pace, the student may be approved for a contract.

​The student will be required to meet a standard 2.0 GPA by term and 67% Pace by term in order to remain in good standing with their contract. 

If the student fails to meet the term or cumulative GPA and Pace, the student will have breached their contract and become ineligible. 

Once approved for a contract a student will have four semesters to raise their cumulative GPA and Pace to the minimum standards. If the student fails to raise their cumulative GPA and Pace by the end of the fourth semester, they will become ineligible. 

Extension of Units: If a student is approved an appeal due to excess units, the student will be put on an extension of units. The student must stay on track and complete only units required for their major. 

​Students can be approved for either an extension of 120% of attempted units required for their major or 150%, depending on the student’s situation and total number of units already attempted. 

Students approved for an extension of units appeal, will be required to meet the cumulative GPA 2.0 and Pace of 67%. If a student fails to meet either of these, the student will have breached their extension of unit agreement and will become ineligible.