What is a Cal Grant?

Cal Grant awards are State administered and awarded by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) to help pay for college expenses. CSAC will require that you sign up for a Webgrants 4 Students account so you may regularly monitor your application status.

There are three types of Cal Grant Awards; Cal Grant A, Cal Grant B and Cal Grant C. CSAC will determine which Cal Grant award best suites your situation. 

​How do I Apply for a Cal Grant?

The FAFSA is the application to apply for this award. Students not eligible to apply for FAFSA can also apply for a Cal-Grant by completing the California Dream Act application. Students applying for the Dream Act are only eligible for in-state aid. 

Submit the FAFSA, as soon as possible after October 1st or by one of the following deadlines: 

  • Entitlement Deadline: March 2
  • Competitive Deadline: September 2
  • ​GPA Verification 

Once CSAC has notified you regarding a Cal Grant award, you must create a Webgrants 4 Students account and claim your Cal Grant award. If you do not claim your award, the school you are attending will not be able to disburse funds. 

When can I receive my Cal Grant Payment?

Cal Grant is state funded grant. Disbursements are released to students as soon as Shasta College has received funds from the CSAC. Disbursement dates can vary throughout the semester be sure to check our Disbursement Schedule for updates.

Please Note: Cal Grant is not awarded over the summer at Shasta College.


​The award payment amount is adjusted based on the number of units for which you are enrolled. Enrollment in 12+ units will allow you to receive the maximum award and you must be enrolled in minimum​ of 6 units to be eligible to receive​ an adjusted award.​ 

For More Information

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