You can check your estimated EFC using this free financial aid calculator.

How to Apply

Apply for the Federal Pell Grant by completing the FAFSA at:

  • The 2021-22 FAFSA covers Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022
  • The 2022-23 FAFSA covers Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023

Federal Pell Grant Eligibility 

Eligibility amounts for Pell Grant are based off of active enrollment at the time of census date each semester. The enrollment statuses are as follows:

  • Full Time= 12+ Academic Units (100% Pell Grant Awarded Per Semester)
  • Three Quarter Time= 9-11.5 Academic Units (75% Pell Grant Awarded Per Semester)
  • Half Time=6-8.5 Academic Units (50% Pell Grant Awarded Per Semester)
  • Less than Half Time= 0.5-5.5 Academic Units (25% Pell Grant Awarded Per Semester)

Eligibility for the Pell Grant is based on information submitted on the FAFSA. This is a need-based grant and is assessed based off of the income and household information submitted on the FAFSA. All students must be a high school graduate or have received the equivalent to a high school diploma.

Maximum Award Amounts

Pell Grant award amounts are based on enrollment status. To receive the full award amount posted to your "Award Letter" you must be registered as a full-time (12 or more units) student for the entire semester.

2022-23: Maximum Pell Grant: $10,342

  • Based on a zero expected family contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Based on Full-Time Enrollment (12  or more units) for Summer 22, Fall 22, and Spring 23.
  • Less than Full-Time enrollment will decrease the amount you are eligible to receive.

2021-22: Maximum Pell Grant $9,742

  • Based on a zero expected family contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Based on Full-Time Enrollment (12 or more units) for Summer 21, Fall 21, and Spring 22.
  • Less than Full-Time Enrollment will decrease the amount you are eligible to receive.

Payments may be adjusted to reflect your current enrollment status

If you add or drop units during the semester past and future disbursements may be adjusted. Depending on the number of units dropped any remaining disbursements for the semester may be cancelled. 

Units Enrolled Enrollment Status % of your Pell Eligibility
12 or more Full-Time 100%
9 to 11.5 Three-Quarters-Time 75%
6 to 8.5 Half-Time 50%
Less than 6 Less than Half-Time Contact Financial Aid

If you have received Pell grant disbursements and withdrawal from all of your courses, you may be subject to repay some of those funds due to the Return to Title IV regulations. Read more on our website. If you withdrawal 100% from your courses, you may owe Pell grant back to the college. 

​Please be aware that awards are progressive and posted as eligibility is determined

While we make every effort to package accurate awards based on your cost of attendance and need evaluation, we reserve the right to adjust your award notification at any time. Awards may be adjusted for reasons such as change in units, additional awar​ds, funds availability or Satisfactory Academic Progress.


As of July 1, 2012, students are unable to receive Pell Grant for more than 12 semesters, or roughly 6 years. It is important to be aware of this if you are planning on pursuing a Bachelor's degree. View more on Lifetime eligibility of Pell grant at the Calculating Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Used | Federal Student Aid website.

For more information Pell grant, please visit the Federal Pell Grants | Federal Student Aid website.


Pell Grant is disbursed in four disbursements at 25% per disbursement of your total semester award eligibility. The amount disbursed is dependent upon active enrollment status at the time of the disbursement. Enrollment status is locked in at census date each semester.  If your enrollment status changes after census date, you will continue to receive the same disbursement amount based on the enrollment status at the time of census. View census dates at: Dates & Deadlines

If your financial aid is processed late and you miss a standard disbursement, your funds will be released at the next disbursement date and will include any missed disbursements. For more information visit our Disbursement Schedule webpage.​


Students who have been overpaid will be responsible to return funds. While we make every effort to cause the least amount of error. Overpayments regardless of the cause, will be the responsibility of the student. 

Students may only receive payment from one institution at a time. In some instances, due to attendance during summer terms or transferring from another school, some students may receive cross overpayments due to a delay in reporting from the prior school. When this occurs the student will be required to repay any overpayment.

In some cases, if you are attending two schools during one semester, we may be able to consider your enrollment at another school towards your enrollment status at Shasta College. 

If you are attending at least 6 units at Shasta College and you are taking courses at another school that are applicable to your Shasta College major, please see our Consortium Agreement as you may be eligible to receive additional funding. 

Contact Us

If you have been funded in error or submitted your FAFSA with information that later was verified to be false, you will have to repay any funds received if you were deemed ineligible. Please contact our office right away if you have received an overpayment notice by calling (530) 242-7650 or emailing