The overall goal of the Physical Plant Division is to provide an environment and atmosphere that is conducive to learning for all of our students.

Facility Use

Please submit one of the following for your event:

If you have questions or need assistance, please email or contact Physical Plant at (530) 242-7922.

Forms & Help Documents

For Faculty & Staff: Forms and other helpful documents can be found on the college's intranet. Please use your network login to access (if you're not already logged into Office 365 via Portal).

Building Maintenance

Provides services for the ongoing physical needs of the campus buildings and facilities. Includes: electricians, plumbers, carpenters, plant mechanic, utility support, pool/laundry services and heating/air conditions technicians.

Custodial Support Services

Provides the cleaning needs for more than 340,843 usable square footage.

Grounds Maintenance

Maintains the flora and fauna of Shasta College as well as a schedule of mowing, pruning and watering the interior grounds and athletic fields, which allows for the natural beauty of the campus to be enjoyed year round.

Printing Services

Prints over 6,000,000 impressions a year in black and white, 400,000 in color, and another 250,000 envelopes. Feel free to contact the department at

Warehousing / Receiving

Warehousing Services includes surplus storage, receiving and distribution of shipments sent to and from the college. Provides delivery services to and from campus for mail and other items as requested by departments.