Students who are interested in study abroad have many options. For example, Shasta College offers a short-term, summer program called the Global Expedition Program which is a two to three-week-long study abroad program associated with natural science courses. Alternatively, students can join any one of a number of study abroad organizations that operate in various countries with various academic specialties. 

'Partner Institutions,' however, are international, accredited colleges and universities. We offer 'exchange' program with these universities, with the idea that our students can easily study abroad there and their students can easily study abroad here.

Partner Institutions

​School Name Location ​​Academic Emphasis
​Minghsin University of Science and Technology (MUST) Xinfeng, Taiwan​ Chinese language, physical sciences, computer sciences, engineering, etc.​
So​​onchunhyan​g University Asan, South Korea Korean language, culture, and history
​Xi'an University Xi'an, Ch​ina​ Chinese language, culture, history, and international studies