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Business Name Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District

Address 2810 Silver Street, Anderson, CA 96007

Phone Number 530-365-7329

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Rate of Pay $18.20 / Hour

Days / Hours Full Time

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Job Description


The Ditchtender / Maintenance Worker I class is the entry level position. Incumbents of positions in this class normally perform a variety of semi-skilled and unskilled tasks for the operations and maintenance of District irrigation facilities.

The Ditchtender duties are seasonal, with the work period generally extending from April through October. The Maintenance Worker duties are typically from November through March. The Ditchtender is on call 24 hours a day, six days a week, during the irrigation season.

Under supervision the Ditchtender, coordinates and delivers an adequate irrigation water supply to District customers in their assigned area, maintains records of the water used by those customers, and performs related work as required.

Under direct supervision the Maintenance Worker performs a variety of semi-skilled, unskilled, and manual tasks in the maintenance of District irrigation canals, ditches, pipelines, and related structures and equipment; to operate District vehicles and other maintenance equipment; and to perform related work as required.


The Ditchtender is responsible for coordinating and delivering an adequate irrigation water supply to District customers in their assigned area. Ditchtenders are the District’s direct contact with customers and are responsible for establishing an efficient system for distributing the water to those customers in accordance with the District’s Rules and Regulations and policies. Ditchtenders perform manual tasks associated with delivering the irrigation water, communicate directly with irrigation customers, and maintain complete records of irrigation deliveries to their customers. Maintenance Workers perform a variety of semi-skilled and unskilled maintenance tasks in maintenance of District irrigation facilities and operate District pickup trucks, brush cutting machine, and chipper.


  • Performs minor maintenance work on District ditches, diversion structures, gates, and pumps, including cleaning of grills and areas around diversion structures
  • Organizes the scheduling and rotations for delivery of irrigation water
  • Operates district gates, valves, and flashboard structures for water delivery
  • Monitors water deliveries and flow rates
  • Enforces the District’s rules and policies for efficient water deliveries
  • Communicates with customers to coordinate water deliveries
  • Maintains accurate records of water deliveries within their service area
  • Reports areas of needed assistance of District facilities within their assigned area
  • Operate hand and power tools
  • Operate vehicles and light equipment

A.C.I.D. Ditchtender / Maintenance Worker I Job Description

January 18, 2022



Any combination of education and experience sufficient to directly demonstrate possession and application of the following:

Knowledge of:

  • Methods, materials safety practices, and tools used in maintenance of irrigation ditches, canals, pipelines, and related structures
  • Operation and maintenance of water controls and diversion structures
  • Methods, materials, safety practices, and tools used in maintenance and construction of irrigation ditches, canals, pipelines, and related structures.
  • Operation and preventive maintenance of trucks and maintenance equipment.

Ability to:

  • Understand oral and written instructions
  • Organize and maintain a schedule with minimal supervision
  • Perform a variety of manual tasks, operate ditch maintenance tools, and construction equipment
  • Demonstrate strength, agility, and endurance
  • Keep complete and accurate records
  • Use smart phones or tablets to record and share data
  • Work cordially and cooperatively with customers and others
  • Push, pull, tug, lift and carry 50 pounds
  • Walk on uneven terrain
  • Climb over fences and up and down ladders
  • Demonstrate mechanical aptitude.
  • Work in an outdoor environment … day and night … on an as-needed basis

Note: These attributes and abilities for the Ditchtender duties are typically attained by one year of experience working with an agricultural irrigation operation such as an agricultural water district or a large farm / ranch with an irrigation system. Attributes and abilities for the Maintenance Worker duties are typically attained with one year of general work experience involving construction work and/or the operation of trucks and equipment common to the construction and maintenance field.

Special Requirements:

  • Possession of an appropriate California driver’s license
  • Reliable personal vehicle with current registration and proof of insurance
  • Ditchtenders use the personal vehicles during the irrigation season and receive an auto allowance


This is a Union Shop with Wages and Benefits governed be the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the General Teamsters Local No. 137 and the Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigations District.

A.C.I.D. Ditchtender / Maintenance Worker I Job Description

January 18, 2022



Ditchtenders are responsible for all water deliveries in their division, including the Main Canal, District laterals, and private ditches.

Ditchtenders are responsible and accountable for all water used in their division. If someone is using water, and not on your list, find out WHY! This includes the Main Canal in your division.

Ditchtenders are responsible for contacting all of the customers in their division and notifying them of irrigation schedules (i.e., informing the customer of when they will receive the water and the maximum time they may keep it).

Ditchtenders are responsible for pulling trash from all the grills in their division daily or more often as needed with trash forks. The Ditchtenders are also responsible for removing (if possible) or reporting any other trash or debris in the canal or lateral.

Ditchtenders are responsible for the oiling and operation of pumps that are within their division.

Ditchtenders will inspect their canal banks, laterals, and ditches on a regular basis.

Ditchtenders will make minor repairs, including shoveling dirt. Work orders for major work are to be submitted to the Office Manager for logging and dispersal. Emergency items are to be immediately reported to the Maintenance Supervisor.

Ditchtenders will keep the grass, brush, and debris cleared away from all structures.

Ditchtenders will keep accurate records of water use and rotation schedules which will be turned into the office by Tuesday of each week.

Ditchtenders will be in contact with the General Manager (or designated personnel) daily to report water use and needs.

Maintenance Workers will clear brush and undergrowth and clean culverts, pipelines, and ditches.

Maintenance Workers will operate spray equipment for weed control.

Maintenance Workers will operate chain saws to cut and remove fallen trees and other debris from ditches.

Maintenance Workers will assist in constructing and repairing small concrete structures.

Maintenance Workers will load and unload gravel, dirt, timber, pipe, and other maintenance materials.

Maintenance Workers will operate and may perform minor field maintenance, repair, and adjustment to trucks and small maintenance equipment.

Maintenance Workers will construct and repair irrigation pipelines.

The Maintenance Workers may be required to operate heavier pieces of equipment normally associated with the higher level in the class series on a temporary, emergency, or relief basis or for training purposes.

A.C.I.D. Ditchtender / Maintenance Worker I Job Description

January 18, 2022



Effective January 1, 2022

Ditchtenders / Maintenance Worker 1 Wages: $18.20 / Hour

Health Insurance (after 90-day probationary period): includes prescription, dental and vision care, currently no employee contribution, changes per Union Contract

Teamsters retirement (District paid)

Paid Holidays (after 90-day probationary period): 8+1 Floating Holiday

Paid vacation leave up to four weeks annually (after 1st anniversary): 40 hours after first year: 80 hours after second year: 120 hours after 10 years: 160 hours after 15 years

Paid sick leave (after 90-day probationary period): up to twelve days annually or 8 hours per month


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