Published January 20, 2023

The ACE program brought me to Shasta College. I had tried other colleges, but I couldn’t make them work with my schedule. When I saw an ad for the Accelerated College Education (ACE) program at Shasta College, I thought, “this will work!” I had a wonderful experience at Shasta College and loved my professors. In fact, I took a Business Law class that solidified my plan and everything I wanted to do with my education and career. I finished my associate degree in less than a year and applied to law school that summer.

More than anything, I knew a law degree would help in my current job as a Director of Wealth Management. While in law school, I also completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees before graduating with my Juris Doctor.

As an ACE student I always thought it would be great to return as a professor to honor the opportunity that was so graciously given to me. As luck would have it, right after completing my Juris Doctor, an opening came up to teach Business Law at Shasta College! So, my return to Shasta College will be in an 8-week ACE class in the same program I started with, only now I’ll be the one inspiring and mentoring others!

We all have some vision for our lives. Maybe we’ve gotten away from that–I know, in my case, that’s what happened. I got caught up in a promising career, but I felt incomplete. Never think it’s too late to finish what you started. Whatever your vision is for your life, don’t walk away from it. Recommit yourself to that vision, and understand it will be a process. There will be days you second-guess yourself, but never give up. There are so many incredible people ready to help. Like that new Business Law professor at Shasta College!

Shasta College Knight