1. We should have respect for each other’s boundaries. It should go without saying that all serving members of the Student Senate work very hard to not only attend school but to perform the tasks of their office, and therefore deserve respect. No member of the Senate should ever have to feel uncomfortable about coming to or being in this office. This place is our space – it does not belong to any one of us.
  2. We are representatives for the student body. We should constantly strive to treat our fellow students with respect and dignity. Our behavior in front of the student body should be exemplary – mockery of students and instructors, open attacks on controversial topics, etc. should be curbed in favor of setting a strong example of proper student conduct, and all members of the Senate should strive to uphold the tenants of the Student Code of Conduct of Shasta College.
  3. Personal conduct in this office should be professional at all times. Students of all ethnicities, religions, and creeds should always feel comfortable walking into this office for help, information, or simply to meet their representatives. Angered argument, physical violence, profanity, or misuse of office property (i.e. computers, making long-distance phone calls, etc.) will not be tolerated and may be grounds for expulsion from the office for an indeterminate amount of time at the discretion of the Vice President, President, and/or Academic Advisor.
  4. Computers in the general office area are for the use of all Senate members. Priority for computer use is given first to Senate business, then to homework, and finally to appropriate personal use. Senate members should be sensitive to the needs of their fellows and be prepared to relinquish use of the machine if someone else’s need is greater (as per the above list). In addition, monopolization of computer time will not be tolerated – please be respectful of the time of your fellow Senate members.
  5. The Vice-President of the Student Senate is the office manager and final arbitrator of within the confines of the office. The Vice President’s wishes are expected to be followed in all disputes. Failure to abide by the Vice-President’s ruling will result in the matter being taken to the Dean of Students’ office for resolution.