Purpose and Responsibilities

The purpose of the Shasta College Student Senate (SCSS) is to represent the students of Shasta College, and to provide a vehicle for shared governance, student input, and participation in the affairs and activities of the College as provided by the Education Code of the State of California. The SCSS functions for the good of the students to promote concerns and policies pertaining to the students of the College and to encourage student participation, development, leadership, and vehicles for engagement. Additionally, the SCSS oversees campus clubs and organizations and oversees club approvals. Full information on the SCSS can be found in their adopted Constitution and Bylaws or by visiting shastacollege.edu/StudentSenate.


The Student Senate reports to the Student Services Council.


Student Officers:

  • 1 President
  • 1  Vice President
  • 1 Secretary
  • 1 Treasurer
  • 1 Justice
  • 1  Public Relations Officer
  • 1  Events and Activities Officer
  • 1  Regional Affairs Officer
  • 1 Shared Governance Officer 10 Student Senator Positions

District Members:

  • 1  Faculty Advisor or designee


  • 1  President of Student Senate


  • We will share a common commitment, a sense of purpose, and obtainable goals and objectives.
  • We will respect and honor the expertise of each member and our advisors.
  • We will celebrate the individual achievements of each member.
  • We will focus on issues important to the student body of Shasta College and not our individual differences and personalities. 
  • We will show the utmost respect for the administration, faculty, and staff of Shasta College.
  • We will practice openness unless confidentiality is important.
  • We will be good listeners and accept both positive feedback and legitimate criticism with the grace it deserves.
  • We will take the necessary time to reach important decisions.
  • We will complete assignments and come to decisions in a timely manner.
  • We will require nurturing, building, and maintenance due to continued changes in priorities, issues, and the environment.
  • We will strive to be examples of academic success, personal integrity, and humanity, with the hope that our example will help to positively impact Shasta College and our communities.

Bylaws and Constitution

Student Representation Fee

Students have the option to pay the Student Representation fee in the amount of $2.

  • The purpose of this optional $2 fee is to ensure the students at Shasta College are adequately represented at the organizational level, regionally and statewide.
  • Local and statewide Student Senate members represent the student population through on-campus participatory committees, regional meetings, and statewide assemblies.
  • These funds promote and enhance student opportunities for engagement in community college issues and affairs, policy, and advocacy activities.