Benefits of being a part of STEP-UP 

STEP-UP Increases students employability by providing them with training that will qualify them for industry certifications such as the American Welding Society, Automotive Service Excellence, Class A Driver’s License, and logging industry certification.

STEP-UP provides students with the added value of being exposed to leadership classes which increase their value to a potential employer. Finally STEP-UP rigorously enforces accountability while stressing the vital importance of being a drug free employee.


If you are interested in being a part of STEP-UP and are formerly incarcerated or have been convicted of a crime please call us at (530) 242-7639. If you are currently on probation, parole, or work-release with the Sheriff’s Department please let your case officer know that you want to be considered for STEP-UP or you can call the Shasta County Probation STEP-UP Liaison at (530) 245-6720 to get more information. 

If you are a formerly incarcerated student and are not currently on supervision you may contact:

Robert Bowman
STEP-UP Program Manager
(530) 242-7639 

Misti Hardy
Student Success Facilitator
(530) 242-7610

Students in Burney, Tehama or Trinity Counties may contact: 

Robert Bowman and/or Misiti Hardy

STEP-UP has provided me the tools to actually be successful in work and in life.