Pre-Approved Contractors List

(Measure H Bond Projects Only)

In order to submit formal bid proposals for projects funded in whole or in part by Measure H general obligation bonds, the Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District (District) requires contractors licensed by the California Contractors' State License Board as B - General Building contractors submit completed pre-qualification applications for District review and determination of the contractor's pre-qualified status and qualification limits.  Contractors on the Measure H Bond Projects Pre-Approved Contractors List (Pre-Approved Contractors List) will have the ability to submit bids for Measure H bond projects of greater than $200,000.

Interested contractors must complete and submit via email the District's Measure H Bond Projects Pre-Qualification Application to be considered for inclusion on the Measure H Bond Projects Pre-Approved Contractors List.  The Application may be accessed through the link provided below.

Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year.  The District anticipates determination of an Applicant's pre-qualification status within sixty (60) days of receipt of a completed application packet, and will notify the Applicant in writing of their pre-qualification status and qualification limit.  Contractors on the Pre-Approved Contractors List will receive an invitation to submit bid proposals for Measure H funded projects for the applicable level of their pre-qualification.

Completed Applications may be submitted to the District via email at: