• Faculty Co-Chair (non-voting): Scott Yates
  • The Administrative Co-Chair (the current CIO; non-voting): Frank Nigro
  • There shall be 12 Representatives with one faculty representative from each of the following areas:
  1. Communications, Fine Arts, World Languages: Katie Elwood
  2. Social Sciences: James Tate
  3. Agriculture, Industrial Technology, Natural Resources: Leimone Waite
  4. Business, Technology: Juanne Van Der Linde
  5. Health Sciences: Marcee Martinez
  6. Consumer Sciences, Early Childhood Education, Human Services, Nutrition: Joanne Tippin
  7. Career and Life Success, Health, Kinesiology, Physical Education, Public Safety, Student Development: Mike Davis
  8. English, ESL: Ben Daw
  9. Mathematics: Audrey Barto
  10. Sciences: Tim Shelton
  11. Library: Cheryl Cruse
  12. Counseling, Student Services: Robert Waldren
  • Articulation Officer: Rebecka Renfer
  • Student appointed by Shasta College Student Senate (non-voting): Emily Lupercio