Programs & Time Commitment

All classes required for each program (major classes and general education) are contained within each pathway. Because classes are scheduled over a year in advance, there is the possibility of slight variations in classes offered. If you become a participant in the program, we will alert you to any modifications as soon as we know about them.

Consider the following schedules a "map" of the entire program. You will meet with a counselor to develop your own personalized "route" (education plan) depending on what courses you have already completed. Find the pathway that interests you:

Type of Degree Program
Associate Degree Administration of Justice
Associate Degree Business
Associate Degree Communication Studies
Associate Degree, Certificates Early Childhood Education
Associate Degree Health Information Technology (HIT)
Certificate Human Services*
Associate Degrees Psychology / Sociology
Certificate Web Design

*The option to complete the coursework required for the Human Services Certificates Level 1 and 2 can be completed within the Psychology & Sociology Associate Degrees pathway.

Not in a program? You can still take ACE classes for general education.

If you are working on an associate degree, you are required to take general education classes. If your degree is not an ​ACE pathway (AOJ, Business, Communication Studies, Psychology, Sociology), but want to use compressed, 8-week ACE courses to fulfill your GE requirements, you can!

The ACE program offers a full range of the GE classes required to fulfill the California State University General Education pattern (CSU GE). Most of these classes also work for the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) and Shasta College's Associate Degree GE pattern as well.

We offer the GE courses in the 8-week, online format (more classes are offered on Tuesday/Thursday evenings from 6 - 9 pm). Most classes are offered in each 8-week block, but it is best to work with our ACE Counselor to map out your educational plan if you want to use ACE classes for fulfilling your GE. Contact us for more information at (530) 242-7676 or

Please visit the following for more details: ACE Classes for General Education Requirements.

​​​Time Commitments for ACE Students

​Weekly Schedule (PDF) – sample of time commitment for in-person instruction, online instruction, homework, working and life

I have a ton on my plate with being a good father, showing up to my job ready to work hard, and being a good student. If I stick to my plan of studying and not procrastinating I should have no problem having success in ACE.