We want to make sure you fully understand this program and the expectations. Please review the information on this website. If you have questions about the program, please contact us at AceBold@shastacollege.edu or (530) 242-7676.

Steps to participate (current Shasta College students can start with step 3):

  1. If you have never been a student at Shasta College, or it has been at least two semesters since you have been enrolled, please submit an application to Shasta College.   
  2. After you apply to Shasta College, you will receive an email with your user name, and you will be asked to set up your Shasta College Portal password
  3. Once you can access the Shasta College Portal, you will be able to submit the ACE Intake/Counselor Recommendation Form (Dynamic Form).
  4. The ACE Intake/Counselor Recommendation Form will automatically route to our staff; they will contact you to set up your appointment with our ACE Counselor.
  5. Your ACE Counselor will review any previous coursework you have taken and discuss your educational and career goals to help you create a personalized educational plan (“ed plan”).
    • If you have attended any other college(s), it is critical that you have requested official transcripts sent from those college(s) to Shasta College Admissions and Records. See Transcripts for details.
    • If you only recently requested transcripts to be sent to Shasta College, please have unofficial copies available for your Counseling Appointment.
  6. New or returning Shasta College students should also do the following:
  7. At any point, if you have questions, contact us!


Student Testimonials

“I am in ACE because it provides a streamlined way to achieve a goal that contributes both to my current business life as Branch Manager of a major brokerage firm and as a bridge to enable me to take the next steps into my future business life.” – Nathan, AS General Studies-Business

Nathan finished his Associate degree in July 2017, his Bachelor’s in 2020, his Master’s in Law in 2021, and his JD (Juris Doctorate) in 2022. He simultaneously worked on his law degrees and his bachelor’s (did you know that you don’t have to have a bachelor’s degree to go to law school?).

“Why did I choose ACE? I have been looking into accelerated programs that will allow me to get my AS in Business in the shortest amount of time possible. I already had 3 part time semesters in my transcripts. I received the flyer for this class in the mail and while I was already determined to complete my degree I decided to give this program a chance.” – Makayla, AS-T Business. 

Makayla will transfer to a university after completing her Associate degree through ACE and finish her Bachelor’s in Business.