We currently offer the following programs: Administration of Justice (AS-T), Business (AS-T and AS), Communication Studies (AA-T), Early Childhood Education (AS-T), Health Information Technology (AS), Office and Computer Technologies (AS), Psychology (AA-T), Sociology (AA-T), and Social Sciences ( AS and AA) and certificates in, Early Childhood Education, Human Services, Accounting, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

For details about program offerings, see the ACE page​: Degrees & Certificates.

We are always evaluating opportunities to expand the offerings in ACE. Please check back with us or contact our ACE office at ACE@shastacollege.edu.

A cohort is a group of students that start the program together and move through the classes as a group. The advantage of a cohort is that you get to know your classmates and they become a support network for you. They encourage you, listen to you vent, and cheer you on towards your goals!

Absolutely! In addition to the rest of your cohort, we have support programs on campus that focus on students who are first in their family to attend college.

We also have a dedicated ACE staff member available to answer your questions. We are here to support you!

  • Classes are primarily online. A few classes require hybrid online/in-person meetings on Tuesday or Thursday, between 6pm-9pm.
  • Classes are primarily 8-weeks in length, block A and block B. A small number of classes are full-term length.
  • The program is designed for you to take 2 classes at a time, every eight weeks. There are some programs and certificates that require 3 or more courses at a time, but you can work with the ACE Counselor to modify that.

ACE is designed to be an online program. EVERY class will have online instruction, it is important to have access and be comfortable using a computer. Shasta College uses Canvas as the platform for online instruction, which requires computer and internet access.

If you don’t have a computer or internet at home, it is possible to participate in ACE, but not ideal. It is to the student's advantage to have access to their own computer and the internet. There are computers labs on campus, but hours are limited, closed on weekends, and not all campus computers have the software you need. Your best bet for success in the program is to have your own reliable computer with internet access.

Special note for Web Design certificate students: It is advisable to have a PC. Most coding/programming software is written specifically for PC computers, and some of the software is not available for Macintosh/Apple computers.

The ACE program provides a more manageable approach to life and school; however, it is not easier. Students will be required to complete the coursework of a 17-week course in 8-weeks. Time commitments will vary by student, but the Sample Weekly Schedule (PDF) can provide a better idea of the time expectations.

ACE pathways are designed to be completed using ACE courses. ACE does offer full-term courses, but they are specific to ACE pathways. Participating in ACE means you agree to enroll in ACE course sections. We recommend a meeting with the counselor to discuss your options for taking courses outside of ACE.

Students have a one-week break between each 8-week block during fall and spring terms. Students also receive a week off during Thanksgiving and Spring Break. There is a 2-week break between Spring and Summer, a 2-week break between Summer and Fall, and a 4-week winter break in December-January.

Associate degree pathways are designed to be completed in 24 months (2-years). Certificate programs range between 1-2 terms.

Your ACE Counselor will meet with you, review your previously completed coursework, and help you build an educational plan (“ed plan”) - a term by term layout of what classes you need to take to finish your graduation requirements.

All the financial aid available to “regular” Shasta College students is available to ACE students. This includes federal and state grants, the California College Promise Grant (CCPG - formerly the BOG Fee Waiver), scholarships, loans, and federal work-study (an opportunity to work on campus and receive a salary). General Financial Aid information is online.

Yes! The Office of Admissions and Records manages the payment plan process.

Classes have an enrollment fee of $46 per unit.

Each term (fall, spring, and summer) has a campus fee. Students also have the option to purchase a semester parking permit, if attending campus. Fees are slightly different for Fall, Spring and Summer terms. For more information visit the Tuition & Fees website.

Associate degrees require 60 units and certificate programs range between 18-24 units. Cost will vary and may be reduced if a student has previously completed courses at Shasta or transfer eligible coursework from another institution.

Please visit our Financial Aid page for more details, and feel free to talk to our staff if you need assistance with any of these applications.

​Textbook assistance on campus:

  • ​EOPS lending library/book voucher
  • Campus Library: Instructors often put copies of their textbooks on “course reserve” in the library.  These materials can be checked out for a limited time (2 hours) and must stay inside the library.  Sometimes you can check the book out overnight. 
  • Shasta College Financial Aid has a Book Grant and Book Loan program.  
  • The Student Senate has a textbook lending program (requires that you purchase the $10 Student ID card).
  • ​Check the public library. They may have a copy of the textbook you can check out for a longer period of time.

Our 8-week classes start in January, March, June, August, and October.

Some program pathways are structured to start in Fall or Spring, but you can start on general education classes during any of the above months!

You can start classes in the summer. Work with your ACE Counselor to determine what classes would make the best use of your time!

Yes. However, ACE course sections are initially reserved for ACE program participants during registration. ACE course sections open to ALL Shasta College students after the ACE priority registration period ends.

You can do the ACE program part-time, but please consider the following:

  • ACE pathways are designed for full-time enrollment. If you decide to attend part-time the program will extend past the two-year completion timeline.
  • If you are receiving federal Pell Grant and/or federal student loans, doing the program part-time will reduce the amount of financial aid you can receive.

If the pace of the ACE program is not a good fit for you, we recommend taking regular, semester-length classes.