Our BOLD team will connect you with bachelor’s degree options that are available on-line and make sure that Shasta College resources are available to help you achieve your educational goals, including coaching and support!   

Through BOLD, you will be able to still have all of the perks of being a Shasta College student while completing your bachelor’s degree from the north state.

Get Started

View BOLD Majors to learn more about the major of your choice. Please note that you do not have to choose one of these to participate in the BOLD program.

Please note that you will have to apply to the university separately from the BOLD program.

Complete this application prior to meeting with the counselor.

Following the guidance of the BOLD counselor, please register for BOLD courses (STU 40, 41, 44, and 45).

About BOLD

The Shasta College BOLD student support program offers four 1-unit Student Development (STU) classes you enroll in while you are a university student. These classes allow students to develop a BOLD cohort and access Shasta College campus resources (tutoring centers, the library, computer labs/internet, health center and more). 

Shasta College has been your "home" for your Associate degree; we want you to feel at home with us while you work on your Bachelor's through a partnering university!

Need to finish your Associate degree first?

Check out the Shasta College ACE Program -- Accelerated College Education.