If you are planning to transfer to an online or the degree completion programs at local university, and you would like to be part of the BOLD student support program, please fill out the BOLD Intake Form. The support from BOLD comes through the BOLD Coordinator, the ACE/BOLD Counselor, and the series of 1-unit, online Student Development classes taught by Shasta College instructors.

Please Note: You do not have to be part of the BOLD student support program to apply to a university; applying to a university is completely separate from BOLD.

View BOLD Majors to learn more about the major of your choice and several universities that offer that major.

Please note that you do not have to choose one of these majors to participate in the BOLD program. If you are not sure about your major, you can discuss that with the BOLD Counselor.

Fill out the BOLD Intake Form below and follow the instructions to get started with BOLD! After you fill it out, you should receive an email confirmation once the form is submitted. You will receive an email and/or a phone call from the BOLD Coordinator (Bold@shastacollege.edu) to set up an appointment with the BOLD counselor.

If you are not a current Shasta College student, please reach out to the BOLD Coordinator via email at Bold@shastacollege.edu before submitting a BOLD Intake Form.

Submit the BOLD Intake Form (Dynamic Forms) prior to meeting with the counselor.