The following list is an approximation for expenses commonly experienced by students.  Each individual will find there is variation depending on the source and item purchased, and changing college enrollment fees.


The fees below are subject to change without notice. This cost estimate does not include costs of transportation, campus parking, meals, or lodging for students.

Nurse Assistant (NA) Fall or Spring Semester
Units/Credits 5.5
​​Enrollment / Registration Fees ​$253.00
Health Fee ​$20.00
Campus Fee $20.50
Uniform $60.00
Shoes $50.00
Watch $15.00
Gait Belt $15.00
Name Tag / Student ID Badge $10.00
​Physical Exam ​*$50.00
​​Immunizations ​*$75.00
​​Background Check & Drug Screening $94.95
CPR Certification $35.00
​​State Competency​ Exam ​$100.00
​​Textbook / Workbook ​​$97.50
​Mastery Performance Criteria ​$11.00
​NURSE ASSISTANT                       TOTAL ​$906.95


Units/Credits 1.5
​​​Enrollment / Registration Fees ​$69.00​
Health Fee **​$20.00
​Campus Fee **​$20.50
​Uniform **​$60.00
​Shoes **​$50.00
​Watch **​$15.00
​Gait Belt​ ​**$15.00
​Name Tag / Student ID Badge **​$10.00
Physical Exam ​*$50.00
Immunizations​ ​*$75.00
Background Check & Drug Screening​ ​***$94.95
CPR Certification​​ ***​$35.00
Handbook ​$26.50
HOME HEALTH AIDE            ​         TOTAL​ $540.95

*Costs may vary depending on facility fees and the number of immunizations required. The list does not include costs of transportation to clinical facilities.

**If you enroll in the Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide programs in the same semester you are only charged once for this fee.

***If  your CNA certification is current and you want to become certified as a Home Health Aide, you will not be required to have a Background Check & Drug Screening or CPR certification if you can provide proper documentation/verification prior to starting the program.

If you choose to take the NA and HHA programs during the same semester (rather than separately) the approximate combined cost would be: $1002.45

Financial assistance is available. Students seeking assistance should contact the Financial Aid Office on campus (530) 242-7650. There are scholarships available for nursing students.