Instructions for completing Step K: Live Scan Fingerprinting of Part 2 - Time-Sensitive Clinical Requirement Checklist.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) requires the applicant to disclose prior misdemeanor and felony convictions.  The applicant must explain the circumstances of the conviction and provide documentation of rehabilitation.  The CDPH considers the nature and severity of the offense, subsequent acts, recency of acts or crimes, compliance with court sanctions, and evidence of rehabilitation in determining eligibility for certification.  Some convictions may disqualify individuals from certification.

Any applicants who have a previous conviction must be cleared by the California Department of Public Health prior to certification. For individuals (potential students) who have any convictions, or have questions about their ability to obtain the Live Scan/DOJ background clearance, they can request an "inquiry" with the California Department of Public Health.

Backg​round Inquiry Instructions

In compliance with Health and Safety Code section 1338.5, subdivision (a)(3), (Chapter 74, statutes of 2006 (A.B. 1807), the program must submit Live Scan (electronic fingerprints) to the Department of Justice for criminal clearance 10 days prior to the student’s first day of class.  The college is responsible for the costs associated with Live Scan process.  The Live Scan must be obtained from either Accu-Print or the Shasta County Sherriff’s office in Redding using a transmittal form that will be provided to the student following receipt of a clear drug screen.

NOTE:  Original fingerprinting/Live Scan must be obtained for the program. Previous fingerprinting/Live Scan results from other parties (i.e. Employers) cannot be accepted.

The college pays for this service at the designated site (no additional fees are required from the student) when the student is enrolled in the course and has submitted documentation of all the fol​lowing clinical requirements:

  • Required immunizations
  • CPR certification for the Health Professional
  • TB screening clearance
  • Completed Physical examination
  • Negative drug screening
  • Clear criminal background check

Documentation of the items listed above must be submitted in person to the Health Sciences Division office in order to proceed with the Live Scan fingerprinting.  The student will be provided with a three-part Live Scan transmittal form to take to the approved electronic fingerprinting office (see below). 

When the student comes to the Health Sciences office to obtain the Live Scan form, they will also be given the Initial Application for CNA or HHA Certification to complete.

To obtain Live Scan fingerprints for NA/HHA program, students must have the following:

  • Valid picture ID - i.e., Driver's license (you must bring this with you)
  • Valid Social Security Number (you must bring your card with you for verification)

The locations for obtaining fingerprints for the Shasta College program are as follows:


3404 Bechelli Lane Suite B

Redding, Ca 96003

(530) 222-3442


3050 Ventura Street

Anderson, CA  96007

(530) 377-3003

Business hours are from 9 am- 5 pm, Monday - Thursday, and 9 am - 4 pm on Friday. 


Shasta Co. Sheriff’s Department

300 Park Marina Circle

Redding, CA 96001

(530) 245-6025

Fingerprinting services are available:

Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, and Friday from 8:00 am - 11:30 pm.

The student must immediately return the second (pink) copy of the completed Live Scan form to the Health Sciences office.  Live Scan must be completed no later than the deadline established in the Enrollment Invitation letter. 

Any conviction will receive an evaluation by the California Department of Public Health. If a student questions their ability to obtain the Live Scan/DOJ background clearance, they can request an "inquiry" with the Department by doing the following:

1.    Fill out the top two sections of the CDPH 283B form, and sign the applicant signature line. At the top of the form, write the following "CLEARANCE ONLY WITH LETTER". The school does not fill out any information on the form.

2.   Write at the top of the Live Scan form (BCIA8016) "CLEARANCE ONLY WITH LETTER" when filling out the form at the Live Scan vendor site.

CDPH will review Live Scan/DOJ results, determine if the student is "cleared" or "not cleared", and send the student a letter explaining the results. Students will not receive a certificate until they have received a criminal record clearance.

For questions concerning eligibility to participate in clinical experiences at the local health facilities, the applicant may contact the Health Sciences office to schedule a meeting with the Dean of Health Sciences & University Programs (530-339-3600) for a confidential review and discussion of individual circumstances.​

CNA Clinical Requirements Packet