The Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet is time-sensitive. Do not complete the packet until directed by the Health Sciences office. Students who have been offered a class invitation, will be sent an email notification with instructions for completing the Part 2 Pre-Enrollment packet. The packet must be completed by the deadline specified in the email instructions.

Packet Instructions

  • ​Print the Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet. Use the Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Checklist (page 1) as a guide in completing all the steps. 
  • Proceed with Steps G-K.
    • Step G - Physical Exam: The required physical examination must be documented on the Shasta College Health Data & Physical Exam form. The first page is to be completed by the student; the second page needs to be completed by the healthcare provider.
    • Step H - TB Screening Results & Form: Complete Step 2 of the 2-step TB screening process and fill out the Tuberculosis Screening Form. NOTE: The 2-step process is not applicable if the applicant received a Quantiferon Gold TB test or Chest X-ray for TB clearance with the Part 1 packet.
    • Step I - Criminal Background Check & Drug Screening: Initiate process online at by visiting the Health Sciences Background Check & Drug Screening Instructions page
  • When complete, bring your materials to the Health Sciences Division office.​ (Be sure to bring your social security card and a valid state ID with you to the Health Sciences office as they will be needed to complete the remaining steps).
  • The Health Sciences office will give you further directions and assistance in completing the remaining steps (Step J).
    • Step J - Live Scan Fingerprinting: Directions and the Live Scan form will be provided by the Health Sciences department when Steps G-I are on file.
  • ​Registration/Enrollment: The Health Sciences office will activate your class position and email you specific registration information. Registration may be completed online or in-person in Admissions and Records.