What is Hospitality Management? 

The Hospitality Management program:

  • Prepares students for various positions in hotel and restaurant operations.
  • Gives students insight into careers in the airlines, luxury cruise lines, bed and breakfasts, clubs, food service providers, and much more.

The course of study in hospitality management includes instruction in hotel and restaurant operations designed to prepare students for various positions in this worldwide industry.

What interests many prospective students in this field of study is the extraordinary range of management jobs available. In addition to operational management, graduates can pursue careers in such areas as personnel, marketing, sales, finance, training, facilities management, conference management and purchasing. Career progression is often very rapid, with companies offering very good financial and professional development packages in recognition of the major shortage of well-qualified management graduates for what is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries.

Career Paths

From airports to airplanes, luxury cruise lines to riverboat restaurants, universities to schools, railway stations to express trains, take-aways to top restaurants, city center hotels to bed and breakfasts, wherever we are, whether in a department store, leisure center or bar and grill, there is normally a hospitality enterprise providing for our accommodations and dining needs.

The Hospitality Management Program affords students the potential for interesting and rewarding careers in management within the hospitality industries that include hospitality management, international hospitality management, and hotel and catering management. The hospitality industry also encompasses numerous sub sectors including accommodations and lodging, food and beverage service, tourism, travel and transportation and event management.

Endless possibilities associated with a career in the hospitality industry exist for those completing a course of study in this varied and interesting field!

The Program

The curriculum includes extensive instruction in hotel and restaurant operations designed to prepare students for various positions in the hospitality industry. Excellent job prospects exist with employers at hotels/motels, restaurants, clubs, cafeterias, food manufacturing companies, contract food service providers, schools, airlines, railways, and cruise ship companies.

Curriculum includes the study of the business component of the industry. Classes will focus on operations management, financial management, human resource management, marketing and sales, and management information systems/technology applications emphasizing these functions within the hospitality industry.

An exciting part of the program of study is the provision of a work site/internship component. This component provides the students with the opportunity of on-the-job experience with local employers while attending Shasta College.

The Hospitality Management curriculum offers students the opportunity to receive an Associate in Science Degree, as well as fulfill the lower division requirements of existing four-year hospitality programs throughout the country.