If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you might find your major here in the People, Culture, & Society interest area! Check out your options for the major that's right for you.

Interest Area Maps

Love People, Culture, & Society but not yet sure of your major and want help deciding classes? No problem. We’re developing “interest area maps” that provide a sample of what your first 2 semesters could look like. It allows you get a sense of what People, Culture, & Society is and explore specific majors in ways that ensure you stay on track. 

Please note this is a sample map. You're encouraged to meet with an academic counselor to confirm what courses are right for you.

Already know what major you’re going for but not sure what classes to take? We’ve got that, too! Visit the areas of study links in the Interest Areas and you’ll find degrees and certificates with a sample program map to give you a sense of what you can expect.

Academic Counselors by Interest Area

While these sample program maps are helpful in giving you a sense of what you can expect, it’s important that you meet with an academic counselor from the start and along your path to help tailor your education plan to your specific interests and needs. And good news, we’ve got folks here to support you every step of the way – our People, Culture, & Society academic counselors!

To schedule an appointment with one of our People, Culture, & Society academic counselors:

Career Exploration & Resources

Do you have questions about career opportunities with a People, Culture, & Society major? We’ve got answers! Explore your career options through our Career Services & Student Employment Center.  

Our Career Services & Student Employment Center is located on the main campus, in Building 2000, Suite 2071 (upstairs in the cafeteria). There you can meet with our dedicated career academic counselor and explore options with a People, Culture, & Society degree by calling (530) 242-7724. 

The Center also offers People, Culture, & Society internship and career opportunities through our Internship & Work Experience Coordinator by calling (530) 242-7572.

We look forward to connecting your coursework to careers that may work for you.