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The various courses offered in the Communication Studies program emphasize analysis, creativity as well as critical thinking, and oral communication skills. These skills are the foundation for successful relationship and for any specific profession. As stated in the Shasta College Mission statement, "success requires specific life skills and professional skills". Among the most crucial are the skills of effective communication and critical thinking, which you learn in the CMST courses.

Mission Statement

In a changing global climate, communication knowledge and skill is central to personal effectiveness. This effectiveness can lead to career success as well as more satisfying personal relationships. The CMST department is committed to providing students with a state of the art education that will assist them in meeting both career and personal goals.

Employers seek five basic things from new college graduates. They are:

  • people skills (e.g. Interpersonal, Intercultural and Small Group communication)
  • critical thinking skills (e.g. how you analyze a problem and make effective decisions, studied in Interpersonal, Small Group, Public Speaking and Argumentation and Debate)
  • writing skills
  • computer skills
  • degree and perhaps specialty skills (e.g. Intercultural Communication, Public Speaking, Oral Interpretation, Argumentation and Debate).

Useful links for Communication Studies

The National Communication Association at: http://www.natcom.org/

And the Western States Communication Association at: http://www.westcomm.org/


For more information, contact the ACSS Division.

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