A human services degree is meant to equip students with the skills required to serve clients in a variety of public outreach organizations. These specialists help individuals tackle major challenges in their lives.

Degrees / Certificates

Map your education by viewing the Academic Plan for the degree or certificate you’re interested in earning below. Meet with a counselor to create your official comprehensive education plan.

Human Services (AS)

Opportunity to enter the Human Services field in a number of paraprofessional positions, and with additional coursework would be prepared to transfer to a four-year college/university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Level 1 Case Management (C)

This certificate will prepare students for employment in entry level Human Services jobs in the community. This certificate also serves as a pathway to the Level 2 Case Management certificate and other associate degrees.

Level 2 Case Management (C)

The Level 2 Case Management Certificate is the next step after Level 1 Case Management Certificate. This certificate prepares students to work in the community as a Human Services professional.

Life Management (C)

This certificate prepares students to balance personal, family and work responsibilities throughout the life cycle.

Transferring for Bachelor’s Degree

Ready to transfer for a 4-year university or college or want to stay local? Our Transfer Center and BOLD staff are here to guide you!