As a humanities major, you'll gain the ability to reason critically, communicate effectively, and make connections across broad fields of knowledge. A degree in humanities offers a variety of career paths to choose from and can include jobs in the fields of arts, writing, psychology and marketing. 

Degrees / Certificates

Map your education by viewing the Academic Plan for the degree or certificate you’re interested in earning below. Meet with a counselor to create your official comprehensive education plan.

Humanities (AA)

This degree is a good option for students wanting to transfer to a four-year college/university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in various fields of Humanities.

Humanities (AS)

Explore the arts, ideas, values, & cultural expressions of the world’s peoples as a foundation for lifelong learning, or intro to these fields: Fine Arts, Literature, Music, Theater, Communication, Journalism, and World Languages.

Transferring for Bachelor’s Degree

Ready to transfer for a 4-year university or college or want to stay local? Our Transfer Center and BOLD staff are here to guide you!