Quick Facts
Degree Associate Degree, Certificate
Areas of Study Industrial Technologies

Our Welding Program

The Welding Technology Program at Shasta College is an American Welding Society Testing Facility for entry-level welders. The program is designed to enable you to secure a high-paying position as a certified welder or to help you meet necessary qualifications for other positions that require welding skills. The program is available in three formats: 

  • Associate of Science Degree in Welding Technology​ ​
  • Certificate from Shasta College in Welding Technology​
  • Certification by the American Welding Society as a Certified Welder​​  

Classroom Instruction

You will receive classroom instruction in related welding subjects, techniques, and practices commonly used in industry. In addition to your classroom work, you will practice daily welding assignments in all positions on a variety of metal and with the latest welding equipment. Upon completion of your training, you will be tested for welder certification. You will also receive a Certificate of Completion indicating the certification received and the training you have acquired.

Welding and Its Role in Society

Welding is playing an important role in the expansion and production of our industrial society. Over 50% of our GNP is directly or indirectly a result of welding technology. Without welding, industry and construction would never be able to meet consumer demands for new and better products. New products require new techniques. Traditional welding methods and training cannot meet this increased demand, and because of this, new welding processes have been developed. Presently, there are more than fifty welding processes being used in the industry. With each new process that is developed, there is a corresponding need for additional well-trained and well-qualified workers.  

A Question to Consider? 

Welding is an emerging career with many opportunities. Are you ready to take your place in this well-paying and interesting field? 

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