Starting Fall 2021, the Shasta College Financial Aid Office will accept applications for emergency aid, funded by Federal COVID stimulus funds. 

In Fall 2021, the eligibility criteria for these funds are that a student must be enrolled in at least 3 units in Fall 2021 and must NOT have already received an emergency student aid grant funded by COVID stimulus funds. These grants appear on a student's 2021-22 Financial Aid award letter/My Awards as "COV2S - CRRSAA" or "COVD3 - APR." 

Applications will be reviewed weekly and students will receive confirmation of their application, and notification when their application has been reviewed.

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Fall 2021 Financial Aid Emergency Student Aid Request Form (Dynamic Forms)

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can log into MyShasta and look at “My Awards.”  If you have an award coded as “COV2S – COVID CRRSAA SAIHE Student Emergency Aid” or “COVD3 - COVID APR Student Emergency Aid,” for Fall 2021, then you have already received a COVID stimulus-funded emergency student grant and cannot apply for additional Emergency Aid through the Financial Aid Office.

Students could apply for Shasta College Foundation Survive and Thrive funds, once that fund is replenished and the application reopens.

Students can receive up to $745 one-time this Fall 2021.

Yes, for Spring 2022, the Financial Aid Office will again pre-select students for emergency student grants, and a new Spring 2022 Emergency Aid application will be available after Spring Census.

We will be reviewing these applications on a weekly basis.

Contact Us

For questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (530) 242-7650.