• President's Update: May 25, 2022

    It is with great sadness that I write to you in light of the tragic and violent incident our nation is experiencing. I simply cannot comprehend what loss and grief the families in Uvalde, Texas are experiencing. My message to you is simple – please find a friend or loved one with whom you are comfortable to talk to and grieve with during times like these.

  • President's Update: May 5, 2022

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! We are already in May and the end of the semester is in sight. It will be exciting to hold our commencement ceremony on May 20th. Celebrating our students’ success is so important for our community.

  • President's Update: March 10, 2022

    I trust your week is going well. I have a few updates to share today focusing around some Success Stories: Congratulations to our Starbucks store manager, Nick Koenig, who was awarded Manager of the Quarter last month. He was voted #1 out of 165 stores in our region for customer care, teamwork and performance. Congratulations to Nick and his hard-working team at Starbucks!

  • President's Update: March 2, 2022

    The war in Ukraine is causing concern for all of us. It can be disheartening and causing added stress in our lives at a time when we have had many difficulties over the past few years with the various emergencies we have faced. Chancellor Oakley sent a message out today that I am forwarding below my signature line.

  • President's Update: February 4, 2022

    I trust you are doing well. It has been another challenging start to a semester, but I remain encourages as I see the continued effort to stay flexible and help one another and our students meet the challenges we face. Thank you for working together. I know it is wearing – I feel it from time-to-time, a simple feeling of being worn-down and tired of it all. It has been a long two years...

  • President's Update: December 3, 2021

    We are into December, and the final weeks of the term. If you are feeling similar to me, it is a satisfying time of the academic year, as we see student completing projects and assignments, yet it comes with some level of exhaustion. So I encourage everyone to dig deep to get through the end of the semester and find it within ourselves to have the extra patience...

  • President's Update: September 17, 2021

    We are already through half of September. Some days it feels like we have been in emergencies forever, and other days I find myself wondering how we are already three-fourths the way through 2021.

  • President's Update: August 20, 2021

    I trust the first week of the semester is ending well. We were fortunate to have the expected Tuesday night PSPS shutoff canceled for the main campus. Having a triple emergency situation (potential power shutoff on top of being an evacuation center on top of the pandemic) was stressful for some of us, and I want to give a big thank you to our physical plant and campus safety and other staff...