• President's Update: March 10, 2021

    It’s amazing to consider that it’s been nearly a year since our college and communities had to quickly adapt to the onset of COVID-19. Every day since then, I’ve been increasingly inspired by the selfless efforts and countless hours all of you have given in support and service to our students and communities. All of the work we’ve been able to do together under these extraordinary circumstances...

  • President's Update: March 4, 2021

    As you are likely aware, this month makes 12 months that we have been in this state of emergency because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It surely has been one of, if not the most challenging year in our college's history.

  • President's Update: February 8, 2021

    I trust you are holding up as well possible under this long emergency. I am writing to celebrate a positive success story - the hosting of Dignity Health and Shasta County Public Health on vaccine clinics last Friday and Saturday. My understanding is that over 3200 Shasta County residents were vaccinated. Thank you to our campus safety, physical plant staff and others who did so much...

  • President's Update: January 22, 2021

    I hope your first week of the spring semester went well. I wanted to take a moment to share a great recent success story. If you have not hear, our own Eva Jimenez was asked to join the McConnell Foundation Board! What a great opportunity for...

  • President's Update: January 11, 2021

    First, I want to wish you all a happy new year. I look forward to the start of the semester next week and Welcome Back day on Friday. Like many of you, I am deeply troubled by what happened in Washington D.C. earlier this month. The peaceful transitions of power throughout our history are a beacon of hope to many throughout the world. I strongly believe in our constitutional rights...

  • President's Update: December 18, 2020

    For my final update this year, I simply want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your dedication to our students and our mission over these past months. There are so many stories to tell and share about the ways we have come together to do amazing things. I can in no way cover all of them I know about, and I am sure I am only aware of a small percentage of the stories...

  • President's Update: December 2, 2020

    I trust you had at least a little time to relax and unplug from all we are dealing with last week. It sure feels like we are in a marathon, and the finish line keeps getting moved before we are even close to reaching it. I encourage you all to stay the course and keep modeling safe practices to those around you.

  • President's Update: November 23, 2020

    There are many things to give thanks for during this coming week. Family and friends, whether they live near or far, feature prominently for many of us.

  • President's Update: November 17, 2020

    I trust you are doing well. If you are like me, the last nine months sure feels much longer than that, most days. I am grateful for the ability to work in a place of service to others, but I sure hope the vaccines stay the course of their initial success levels, become approved and widely available and help our world combat this virus.