• President's Update: August 20, 2021

    I trust the first week of the semester is ending well. We were fortunate to have the expected Tuesday night PSPS shutoff canceled for the main campus. Having a triple emergency situation (potential power shutoff on top of being an evacuation center on top of the pandemic) was stressful for some of us, and I want to give a big thank you to our physical plant and campus safety and other staff...

  • President's Update: August 4, 2021

    To the Shasta College Community:
    I recognize that there are some questions and discussions surrounding masking mandates, testing, vaccinations, and new ways of interacting with each other as we return to campus. Our EOC has been vigilant in monitoring…

  • President's Update: May 26, 2021

    We had a great time Friday night celebrating our graduates. Thank you to our Student Services team for all they did to make it happen. Thanks as well to the Physical Plant staff and Campus Safety staff. What a team effort this was!

  • President's Update: May 18, 2021

    In this final week of the semester, I cannot help but reflect upon the amazing effort that has been put in by the college community to deliver services and learning opportunities to our students. Thank you one and all for all the little, and big, things you have done this past year. I look forward to Friday’s modified commencement ceremony where we can celebrate many of our students’ achievements.

  • President's Update: April 30, 2021

    As you know, nearly fourteen months ago, the operations of our District changed in a dramatic fashion due to the global pandemic and the guidance we received from state and local authorities in helping our communities and country slow the spread of the virus. Fourteen months ago, we never envisioned the length of time we would remain in a remote work environment and...

  • President's Update: April 1, 2021

    I can hardly believe that it is already spring break next week. I trust you have at least a little time planned for renewal and rest.

  • President's Update: March 10, 2021

    It’s amazing to consider that it’s been nearly a year since our college and communities had to quickly adapt to the onset of COVID-19. Every day since then, I’ve been increasingly inspired by the selfless efforts and countless hours all of you have given in support and service to our students and communities. All of the work we’ve been able to do together under these extraordinary circumstances...

  • President's Update: March 4, 2021

    As you are likely aware, this month makes 12 months that we have been in this state of emergency because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It surely has been one of, if not the most challenging year in our college's history.

  • President's Update: February 8, 2021

    I trust you are holding up as well possible under this long emergency. I am writing to celebrate a positive success story - the hosting of Dignity Health and Shasta County Public Health on vaccine clinics last Friday and Saturday. My understanding is that over 3200 Shasta County residents were vaccinated. Thank you to our campus safety, physical plant staff and others who did so much...