Published May 31, 2019

A week ago Shasta College experienced a challenging, unique, and unexpected development during commencement ceremonies—we had a lightning storm, followed by a hail storm (good sized chunks), followed by, of all things, a tornado warning. Definitely, a commencement that everyone attending will not soon forget.

Now we are left with the decision of what to do for our graduates and how to turn this unfortunate turn-of-events into a positive outcome. Based on the input received from a survey that was sent out and on the recommendations of my staff we’ve decided that the best solution is to re-host a slightly modified ceremony on June 10th in our Memorial Stadium at 6:00pm. Given the constraints and logistical considerations, something of this magnitude entails we’ve arrived at what we feel is the best solution available for everyone involved. More announcements will be forthcoming as we finalize the details. I appreciate all of our staff’s hard work during this challenge and the countless hours that continue to go into making this a viable solution for our students.

Although we had no control over the weather and the events on May 24th I regret that we were forced to suspend, and then cancel commencement activities. We took the appropriate action necessary to ensure the safety of everyone attending but I recognize that this fact doesn’t lessen the disappointment all of us felt when that decision had to be made.

I continue to marvel at the selfless efforts and dedication our faculty and staff devote to our students every day. Their decision to always place the needs of our students first is a testament to the legacy Shasta College enjoys in our community. I look forward to seeing all of our graduates (again) on June 10th and celebrating your great success—and positive future ahead.

Yours in success—Dr. Joe Wyse, Superintendent/President Shasta College